Choosing Good Keywords for Your Business

Choosing Good Keywords for Your Business
Single word key phrases are usually a poor choice when optimising the copy on your website, this is because single key phrases / words are generally too broad and very competitive. Most SEO companies will encourage the client to avoid these type of single word phrases / terms for this reason. In general, and based on our experience in optimising web page copy, we find that two and three word phrases are not only easier to rank for, they typically send you much higher quality traffic.

The best keywords are 2 to 4 word phrases that accurately describe what you offer using everyday language that searchers are likely to type in, and which aren’t so competitive that you have no chance of getting on the front page within a reasonable period.

If your keywords are too general then they’ll likely be too competitive, and even if you rank well on them your traffic might not convert well, since searchers are usually looking for something specific. But if your keywords are too specific then few people will search for your terms and you’ll get few potential visitors.

Common mistakes in selection of search terms include targeting include single word terms, terms that are way too broad and not focused to what you offer, terms that are too specialised (e.g. industry specific terminology), or phrases that are highly-competitive and are often very difficult to rank well for.

In summary, the ideal is to find search terms that are highly relevant to what you offer, popular enough so that they result in good levels of traffic to your website, but not so competitive that you can’t achieve good listing in the major search engines.

 So how do you find out which key phrases are aright for your business? If you’re not sure how – or are simply too busy running your business and want to leave the SEO to a specialist, then contact Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services and let us make your website work harder for you on the Internet.

Health Information for Young People in Sunderland

Health Information in Sunderland
As we have recently seen, research has shown many companies are still not optimising their respective website for the search engines. However, as the Internet becomes ever more accessible and recognised as a major point of information for people, then we at Direct Submit are pleased to be working with Your Health Sunderland, a healthcare service providing information for young people and healthcare workers in Sunderland and the North East. The service offers health advice on a number of issues including drug abuse, sexual health and bullying.

The Internet would seem the ideal forum to provide this type of information, and how to access further support and advice. A young person, being able to search for help and advice on the web may well see the Internet as the most appropriate, and in many case the first place to access this type of information. However, very importantly, this information is also there to support the parents of young people and Healthcare workers.

The Web can be a great resource when you want to learn about a specific disease or health condition, plus you can also find tips on staying healthy.

Accessing websites such as Your Health Sunderland may well have a greater role in the future when it comes to providing information to the public.

BT Content Connect Service Fears

BT Content Connect service faces ‘two-tier net’ claims
BT has introduced a controversial service that some say could allow broadband providers to create a “two-tier internet”.

Content Connect, as it is known, allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that use BT’s network to charge content firms for high-speed delivery of video. It could spell the end of so-called “net neutrality”, where all traffic on the net is treated equally.  Critics say it will also reduce competition for consumers.

“This is a sea change in the way that content is delivered by ISPs,” Jim Killock of the net freedom campaign organisation, the Open Rights Group, told BBC News.

“It is essentially them saying: ‘Rather than delivering whatever content is on the internet as best we can, here are our services that we will deliver through our own network.”

He said the result could be a “fundamental shift” from consumers choosing what video and gaming services they buy on the internet to “buying services from the internet to bundled services from ISPs”.

“This would reduce competition and take investment away from internet companies – that would be bad for everyone.”

In addition, net neutrality advocates says that allowing large content providers, such as YouTube, to pay for premium delivery could put smaller companies at a competitive disadvantage, reinforcing the gap. But a spokesperson for BT denied that the offering would create a “two-tier internet”.

“BT supports the concept of net neutrality, but believes that service providers should also be free to strike commercial deals, should content owners want a higher quality or assured service delivery.” It said that its new service would speed up download speeds across its network – even for those not buying into Content Connect – by easing congestion.

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