Promoting Personalised Gift for Christmas

Promoting Personalised Gift for Christmas
Continuing to work with Mark an Occasion (Personalised Gifts), Direct Submit are working to help them to create a strategic Christmas 2011 SEO campaign to promote their range of Personalised Gifts across the Internet. Christmas it seems comes around quicker each year and many shops are already promoting Christmas gifts, Mark an Occasion have decided to push their product range earlier this year.

We’ll keep you posted and future developments and if you would like to discuss your SEO needs, why not call us to discuss how we can help get your business working for you on the Internet.

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Windscreen Replacement Services

Direct Submit & Glass Assist UK
Direct Submit are pleased to announce a new client. Glass Assist UK are a leading windscreen replacement & repair services provider in the UK. In what is a comptetive industry, Direct Submit will be working to help Glass Assist achieve success in the search engines.

For clear advice on the range of Internet Marketing Services and Search Engine Optimisation Services available from Direct Submit call now on 0191 2673030.

Internet Marketing for your Business

Using Internet Marketing to promote your business.
Are you looking to expand to a wider customer base or hoping to raise the profile of your company to a much wider audience?

Internet Marketing can allow you to promote your business to a gloabl audience, helping cutomers find your business and purchase your products. Some of the benefits of an Internet Marketing campaign include:

– Potential for more sales and repeat business
– Attracting new customers
– Diversifying into new business
– Increased market profile
– Opportunity to expand marketing
– More cost effective and flexible than offline advertising
– Promote your Bricks & Mortar business
– 24 x 7 days presence

Internet Marketing & SEO are systems used to get your website in front of as many of your potential potential customers as possible and Internet Marketing specialists such as Direct Submit do this by targeting specific key phrases that potential visitors relevant to your business might type into search engines such as Google or Yahoo. By strategically placing key phrases throughout your website and reviewing the core website content you can significantly improve the chances of seeing your website appear on the first pages of the major search engines.

If you are serious about selling your products, services or enhancing your company profile online then talk to us at Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services. We are a professional, ethical online marketing company who offer a comprehensive range of Internet Marketing Services including search engine optimisation, pay per click, link development and directory submissions.

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Google may be changing our memory?

Google may be changing our memory?
First it was a search engine. Then it became almost synonymous with the internet. Now Google is a replacement for the ancient human faculty of memory.

Research by scientists at Columbia University has found that people are adapting their ability to remember because of the formidable power of search engines such as Google to remember things for them. In short, people no longer always need to know stuff; they just need to know where it can be found.

The research, published in Science magazine, involved a series of experiments. In one, participants were given pieces of information to type into a computer. Half were told the computer would retain the information and the other half were told it would be erased.

Participants “did not make the effort to remember when they thought they could later look up the trivia statements they had read,” the researchers reported. In another experiment, when participants were given information and folder names in which they were stored, they were better at recalling the folder names than the information.

“The results … suggest ‘where’ was prioritised in memory, with the advantage going to ‘where’ when ‘what’ was forgotten,” the researchers said.

 Betsy Sparrow, a psychologist who was one of the principal researchers, said that when faced with difficult questions, people are “primed to think about computers”.

 As a result, we have lower rates of recall of the information itself, and enhanced recall of where and how to access it.

 Sparrow concludes that the internet has become “an external memory source that we can access at any time” – an arena where information is stored collectively outside ourselves.

“These studies suggest that people share information easily because they rapidly think of computers when they find they need knowledge,” Sparrow said.

“Just as we learn through transactive memory who knows what in our families and offices, we are learning what the computer ‘knows’ and when we should attend to where we have stored information in our computer-based memories. We are becoming symbiotic with our computer tools.”

Sparrow said people were becoming dependent on their gadgets in the same way that they were dependent on friends and colleagues for shared memory.

 “The experience of losing our internet connection becomes more and more like losing a friend. We must remain plugged in to know what Google knows.”

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Developing Ecommerce with SEO

Developing Ecommerce with SEO
As more of your competitors are online already, many UK businesses are unwilling to stay behind the times and are actively developing an online business. One such company is WCF of Cumbria, who includes online businesses the Thimble Guild, Mark an Occasion and the Scottish Gourmet.

However, having a great looking e-commerce shop, with the best prices won’t be making any money at all unless it has the key ingredient – Customers. Without these, your website won’t achieve its full potential and is unlikely to generate leads and / or make money for your business.

Whether you already have an online shop, or you may just be interested in taking advantage of our Internet Marketing services. We provide the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services in the UK, with a proven track record of success.

Our services can include Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing, Pay per Click Search Engine Marketing, article marketing and social bookmarking.

Over the last decade, e-commerce sales have reportedly grown on average 19% per year, far faster than offline retail, and in the current economic climate this growth in ecommerce business is continuing to develop.

So whether you are looking to market any product or service, from market personalised gifts or Scottish Cuisine, give Direct Submit a call on 0845 272 2350 or  0191 267 3030.

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Internet Marketing Services for your Business

Internet Marketing Services for your Business
Having your website found in the major search engines is important for many reasons. Increased sales opportunities, achieved by attracting quality traffic to your website. Increased branding opportunities for your product or service and a higher market profile for your business.

The typical range of Internet Marketing Services may include the following:

– Keyword Analysis
– Meta tag Optimisation
– On Page Optimisation
– Manual Submissions to the Major Search Engines & Directories
– Search engine submission
– Link Popularity Development
– Monthly Ranking Reports
– Dedicated Account Manager
– Application of Google Site Map

Internet Marketing – A Great Opportunity
Every day millions of people use search engines to find a product or service on the Internet. Can your potential customers find your web site in the leading Search Engines? If not, you’re missing out on the local and global audience of customers who could be visiting your web site and, potentially at least, providing your business with new orders.

There are many Internet Marketing companies in the UK and beyond who provide a diverse range of Internet Marketing solutions. These ‘SEO Services’ are designed to get your business or service noticed in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Direct Submit are a leading UK Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation company who offer services including Website Optimisation, Search Engine Submission, Pay Per Click, Optimised Web Design, Website Management services and more. If your website can’t be found on the World Wide Web, then you are missing out on a potentially huge market place.

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Classic Camper Van Sales

Classic Camper Van Sales Project
We at Direct Submit Internet Marketing are working with one client who is looking to promote a number of VW Camper Vans via the Internet.  Also selling more modern motorhomes, Northumbria Motor homes have a few classic and very desirable VW Motor Homes for sale.

The client thinks the Internet the ideal place to market classic vehicles such as these. With an audience of millions and with the Internet rapidly becoming the first point of search, we tend to agree with Northumbria.

Why not give Direct Submit a call on 0191 2673030 to see how we can help you promote your products and services to this ever increasing audience.

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Cost of Euro Mobile Roaming Falls

Cost of Euro Mobile Roaming Falls
The cost of making and receiving mobile phone calls while travelling in Europe has come down again. Mobile operators cannot charge more than 32p per minute (plus VAT) for outgoing calls, and 10p per minute (plus VAT) for incoming calls.

The new tariffs are the latest in a series of annual price reductions forced on the mobile industry by the European Commission. Brussels has said it aims to equalise roaming and domestic charges by 2015.

Price regulation was introduced in 2007 by the then commissioner for information society and media, Viviane Reding.

Since then, the maximum call charge has been reduced by approximately 6% per year.

A group of UK mobile operators – O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile – attempted to challenge the Commission’s price-cutting agenda, taking their case to the European Court of Justice. However, their complaint was dismissed in June 2010.

Along with the lower rates for phone calls, the commission also reduced the wholesale rate of mobile data from 80 euro cents (72p) to 50 euro cents (45p) per megabyte.

Whereas the price cap on voice calls applies directly to the way consumers are billed, the data changes only affect what operators charge each other. There is an expectation, rather than obligation to pass on the savings.

Operators are compelled to place a 50 euro (£45) cap on users’ data consumption, in order to avoid unexpectedly high bills. Customers who wish to continue their data roaming can request to have the limit removed

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UK Online Tyre Sales – Kudos Tyres

UK Online Tyre Sales – Kudos Tyres
We at Direct Submit Internet Marketing are always happy to hear a client is happy with our SEO services. One such client is Tams Tyres (North East) who have contracted us to promote their new UK online tyre sales business – Kudos Tyres. The client is going through some exciting business developments and is extending his product range to include performance car tyres and specialist car tyres, such as 4 X 4 tyres.

With over 90% of our business being repeat business or referrals from current clients, then we think this displays vey effectively why you should trust your Internet Marketing project to Direct Submit.