Webpage Optimisation & Key Phrases

Webpage Optimisation & Key Phrases
The purpose of Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing is to optimise your web pages in order to increase opportunities for the website to rank as highly as possible for chosen key phrases within the respective search engine results.

So how do you approach this? One of the primary methods is to optimise a page for a keyword or key phrase that you want to target.  Search engines love textual content.

When a user enters a search request into a search engine, they do it using text, and it is that text which the search engine instantly canvasses websites throughout its search index (website URL’s held with the search engines respective database). If your website includes the appropriate keyword or key phrases, then you will improve your chances of appearing in a high search results position.

However, we always try to advise our clients not to try and optimise a single page for to many keywords or phrases at the same time. This approach to SEO is likely to hinder your site’s chances of a high results ranking, rather than improve them. We typically advise a client to work to a couple of phrases per page.

Search engines use search algorithms when reviewing a website against a key phrase. When a key word or key phrase is searched for, the search engine searches its database for that phrase. If a particular page features that key phrase in significant density, then the website has a better chance of appearing in a high position.

This is a largely mathematical phenomenon (search algorithms) designed to reflect the importance of that word or phrase within the page. If the page is trying to rank for too wide a variety of words and phrases, no definitive subject can be drawn from the page, mathematically or thematically.

This is why websites utilising good Search Engine Optimisation focus different pages on different key phrases to try and help that particular webpage rank well for that specific keyword or key phrase.

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Internet Marketing to Promote your Business

Using Internet Marketing to promote your business.
Are you looking to expand to a wider customer base or hoping to raise the profile of your company to a much wider audience?

Internet Marketing can allow you to promote your business to a gloabl audience, helping cutomers find your business and purchase your products. Some of the benefits of an Internet Marketing campaign include:

– Potential for more sales and repeat business – Attracting new customers – Diversifying into new business – Increased market profile – Opportunity to expand marketing – More cost effective and flexible than offline advertising – Promote your Bricks & Mortar business – 24 x 7 days presence

Internet Marketing & SEO are systems used to get your website in front of as many of your potential potential customers as possible and Internet Marketing specialists such as Direct Submit do this by targeting specific key phrases that potential visitors relevant to your business might type into search engines such as Google or Yahoo. By strategically placing key phrases throughout your website and reviewing the core website content you can significantly improve the chances of seeing your website appear on the first pages of the major search engines.

If you are serious about selling your products, services or enhancing your company profile online then talk to us at Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services. We are a professional, ethical online marketing company who offer a comprehensive range of Internet Marketing Services including search engine optimisation, pay per click, link development and directory submissions.

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Air Pressure Testing Website Development

Air Pressure Testing Website Development
One of Direct Submits clients are now adding to their already successful website. The APT client has now introduced new sound testing and air testing services, now featured within the website, services which they say will prove very important within the construction and property industries.

Direct Submit are working alongside the client to develop innovative and successful Internet Marketing strategies.

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How does a Computer become Infected?

How does a Computer become Infected?
How does a computer get infected if you’re just surfing the Internet? And how do cybercriminals make money from tricking users?

In Internet attacks, the primary aim of cybercriminals is to download and install a malicious executable file onto a victim computer. Being able to control an infected system from within opens up a whole world of opportunity, with a successful attack providing cybercriminals with access to user data and system resources. The cybercriminals will use this to make money from their victims in one way or another.

In general, an attack involves two steps: redirecting a user to a malicious resource, and downloading a malicious executable file onto his/ her computer.

Cybercriminals employ every possible channel in order to lure users to their malicious resources: email, instant messaging, social networks, search engines, advertising —malicious links can be found anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes, cybercriminals don’t have to do anything particular to attract users – they simply hack a legitimate website with a large number of visitors. Recently, cybercriminals have been resorting to this approach with increasing frequency.

Once a user has opened a “bad” resource, the only thing that remains is for malware to be downloaded and installed to his/ her computer. Cybercriminals have two choices: cause the user to download the program by him/ herself, or conduct a drive-by download. In the first case, social engineering methods are commonly used where cybercriminals play on naivety and/or lack of experience. In the second case, cybercriminals exploit a vulnerability in software running on the victim’s computer.

IPad& IPhone Technology used to produce Property Inventory Reports

IPad& IPhone Technology used to produce Property Inventory Reports
Have you ever considered using the iPad or iPhone when looking to produce property inventory reports?

Inventory Clerks, Landlords and Letting Agents are discovering that by using the iPad or iPhone technologies, they are utilising a stress-free way to quickly and efficiently manage their inventory process.

A typical property inventory report will record details of rented accommodation details such as the type of property, fixtures and fittings in place, meter readings and decorative order etc. These property inventory reports would normally involve the production of two reports, these being ‘check in’ and‘check out reports’.

Traditionally, property inventory reports are completed using pen and paper. The data then has to be typed up and entered into a system where reports can be produced.Needless to say, the whole process is time consuming and costly and vital evidence such as photograph scan be lost. Modern technologies can help refine this process and speed up the property inventory reporting process.

A tenant’s signature can be written as before and digital photographs can be appended. Once complete, the data from the device canbe instantly uploaded to a website of the Letting Agent or Housing Association and madeavailable to the relevant people. A PDF image is captured as well which can beused to run reports. No typing is required, access to vital information is faster and money can be saved.

Using an iPad or iPhone to complete these processes can give immediate efficiencies and also cost savings. No new technology has to be learnt and the technology is intuitive. A UK based company, I Survey, have developed property inventory reporting utilising the iPad and iPhone technologies.

This Inventory reporting software has an easy to use interface and powerful features that enables you to produce more reports more easily by working smarter.