Secret to Successful Sound Testing

The Secret to Successful Sound Testing
There are many considerations to achieving successful sound testing on your development. The main areas that need to be addressed are the dividing wall and flor construction.  When dealing with walls you normally just need to worry about airborne sound; however with walls it’s both airborne and impact sound which can be far more difficult to deal with.

The usual noise problems associated with airborne sound transmission is TV noise, music and speech. This can be dealt with by applying ceiling treatments as well as mass and isolation to the building components. Impact sound (footfall) performance is increased by the used of resilience layers and isolation of components to prevent noise flanking through the partition.

Airborne Sound Testing
For airborne sound testing Building Regulation Part E requires you achieve at least 45dB for new build properties and 43dB for conversion developments, this applies both to party walls and floors between properties. This level is the difference between the source level and the receiver level during sound testing. Therefore, if the source level in one flat is 110dB and the receiver level in the neighbouring flat is 55dB, the level difference (or sound reduction performance) is 55dB.

The measurement is corrected for several factors such as background noise, room characteristics and frequency weighting, giving the final sound insulation performance value of the tested partition. In this case the higher the number the better the sound insulation performance. The measurement is done by using a Class 1 Analyser and the associated equipment.

Impact Sound Testing
For impact sound testing Building Regulation Part E requires you achieve at least 62dB for new build properties and 64dB for conversion developments. Impact insulation performance only applies to party floors and related to the effectiveness of the floor construction in absorbing shock such as footfall noise. The measurement is done by using a Norsonic tapping machine (as shown below). The machine has 5 weights which tapping in regular succession on the tested floor which emulates footfall noise. The noise levels are taken in the receiving room below, which are then measured and averaged for different tapper positions, which then gives the sound reduction rating of the floor. In this case the lower the figure, the better the performance.

Good Acoustic Design
To try and ensure you meet the standards stipulated within Building Regulations Part E, careful consideration should be shown to the acoustic design detailing from the stat of the project. offset. Tackling the acoustic design for both new build and conversion project requires two different construction techniques and acoustic design detailing. With new build properties you have a blank canvas in terms of the overall design whereas with conversions you usually need to work with the existing’ onsite’ construction which can be quite difficult.

We offer an acoustic design package, which contains the following elements:

  1. Sample Sound Testing – of the existing construction. This offers an accurate overview of the acoustic performance of the existing partitions which enables us to offer a targeted acoustic design using the sound insulation performance of the existing construction.
  2. Acoustic Design Review – a full design review of the proposed developments party walls and floors.
  3. Site Survey Visits – to let us view the existing site construction. This allows us to check for potential problematic construction such as inclusion of lightweight blocks in the existing construction. It also lets us check that the installation teams are installing the acoustic materials as per manufacturer’s guidelines.
  4. Final Precompletion Sound Testing in compliance with Building Regulations Part E.

Useful Acoustic Design Considerations

  1. Avoid the use of lightweight blocks in the inner envelope construction and/or stairwell construction etc. as sound will travel both vertically and horizontally from dwelling to dwelling.
  2. The use of resilient suspended ceilings will help improve the performance of the floor partition.
  3. Ensure all support steels/timbers are carefully boxed out where they travel from flat to flat vertically and horizontally.
  4. Use a high quality resilient acoustic membrane on top of the floor to improve the impact performance of a floor.
  5. Ensure all penetrations are fully sealed where they terminate through floors and they are adequately boxed with acoustic quilt and two layers of plasterboard.

In our experience the main 5 considerations when designing for separating walls and floors between dwellings are: If used together or in various combinations they will improve sound insulation properties over a wide range of frequencies. The main factors are:

  1. Mass
  2. Isolation
  3. Absorption
  4. Resilience
  5. Stiffness

If used together or in various combinations they will improve sound insulation properties over a wide range of frequencies and should achieve compliance with Building Regulations Part E.

In our experience if the acoustic design is taken into consideration from the offset of the project, then it usually results in compliance with Building Regulations Part E. In Some cases sound test failure can also be down to the poor workmanship rather than the acoustic design that is why we offer a full‘4 step’ acoustic package.

If you have a project that’s needs acoustic design advice or sound insulation testing, then please visit the APT Sound Testing website or phone us directly on 07775623464.

Small Firms Hit by Rates Relief Delay

Small Firms Hit by Rates Relief Delay
Thousands of small businesses in England who were promised financial help to ease the burden of hikes in business rates are still waiting. The chancellor announced a package of measures in the March Budget, including a cap for the most vulnerable firms who were facing huge hikes in their bills.

Business rates are a property tax based on rental values. Changes to the rates came in in April after a revaluation of property values for England and Wales last year.

Although most businesses overall have seen their bills either stay the same or decrease, the government was forced to act following reports that some small companies faced rate rises of up to 3,000%. These are the so called “cliff edge” businesses which Philip Hammond promised to help. He announced that firms losing small business rate relief – a discount given to businesses with properties below a certain rateable value – would not see their bills increase by more than £50 a month.

The government set aside £25m this year to pay for the pledge.

Whitstable florist Jane Antoniades felt a huge wave of relief when she heard her rates bill would not go up by more than £50 a month, having faced a 353% increase over five years. But nearly three months on since the start of the new tax regime in April, she’s still waiting for her bill to be adjusted.

“So far I’ve had to pay £437.08 per month, instead of just over £200. It’s a huge difference. We haven’t got the capacity to pay this extra money. It’s going to have a real impact on our business if we can’t claw this money back soon and start paying the right amount,” says Jane.

According to rates specialist, CVS, 24,986 small businesses have lost all, or part, of their small business rates relief.

Despite Mr Hammond’s announcement, the money has yet to flow to most, if not all, of these businesses which are in need of the greatest support.

So why the delay? For starters, the government’s U-turn on rates was announced after the new bills were already printed and just days before they were posted.

Canterbury Council said it was working to update its system to enable new bills to be sent out. But councils across England have told the BBC that they are awaiting further guidance from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Although local authorities are legally able to go ahead and adjust existing bills, without the necessary published guidance from government they have no guarantee they will receive the money back from Whitehall. And the general election has held things up.

“A common sense approach here is needed,” says Mark Rigby, Chief Executive of CVS. “The money to help those most in need is coming from the government and there is no reason why revised tax demands shouldn’t have been sent out by local councils by now. These delays are simply causing panic, confusion and alarm for small firms,”

Councils have been left in limbo and have been pushing the government for guidance. But within the last few days, the DCLG has reportedly written to local authority chief financial officers in England with the necessary paperwork.

A Local Government Association spokesperson said: “After receiving guidance, councils have now been able to begin working with businesses in their local areas to identify those eligible for this new discretionary relief funding.”

A spokesperson for the DCLG also confirmed that help should soon be on the way. “We have also published guidance on the additional relief available to support small businesses and have encouraged local authorities to inform businesses that are eligible as soon as possible.”

That can’t come soon enough for Jane and her small flower shop. Like other rate payers, she’s got another big bill in the next few days. “How long are they going to hold on to my money? We need this relief now. The rates system is such a problem for the whole High Street, and it’s small independent traders who are bearing the brunt.”

Windows 7 Hardest hit by WannaCry Worm

Windows 7 Hardest hit by WannaCry Worm
The majority of machines hit by the WannaCry ransomware worm in the cyber-attack earlier this month were running Windows 7, security firms suggest. More than 97% of the infections seen by Kaspersky Lab and 66% of those seen by BitSight used the older software.

WannaCry started spreading in mid-May and, so far, has infected more than 200,000 computers around the world.

In the UK, some hospitals had to turn away patients as the worm shut down computer systems. Many suggested that the reason UK hospitals suffered was because many of them still relied on programmes that required Windows XP – a version of Microsoft’s OS that debuted in 2001. But infections of XP by WannaCry were “insignificant” said Costin Raiu from Kaspersky Lab.

Many organisations seem to have been caught out because they failed to apply a patch, issued by Microsoft in March. that blocked the vulnerability which WannaCry exploited. After encrypting files, the WannaCry worm demanded a payment of £230 ($300) in bitcoins before they were unfrozen. So far, a reported 296 payments totalling $99,448 (£76,555) have been made to the bitcoin wallets tied to the ransomware.

There have been no reports that anyone who paid has had their data restored by the gang behind the attack.

Security experts also found that the worm spread largely by seeking out vulnerable machines on the net by itself. Before now, many thought it had got started via an email-based phishing campaign. Adam McNeil, a senior malware analyst at Malwarebytes, said the worm was primed to look for machines vulnerable to a bug in a Microsoft technology known as the Server Message Block (SMB).

“The attackers initiated an operation to hunt down vulnerable public facing SMB ports and, once located, used the newly available SMB exploits to deploy malware and propagate to other vulnerable machines within connected networks,” he wrote. Mr McNeil said he suspected that whoever was behind the worm first identifed a “few thousand” vulnerable machines which were used as the launch platform for the much larger waves of infection.

Updating Your Bathrooms with a New Shower

Updating Your Bathrooms with a New Shower
Bathroom upgrades are among the most beneficial cost-efficient home projects: they make the space more enjoyable for you and your family in the short term and increase your home’s value in the long run. Before taking on such a major home remodelling project, however, it is important to plan out what you want very carefully, either on your own or with the assistance of your chosen bathroom supplier.

When upgrading small bathrooms, making the best possible use of limited space is key. Fortunately, a wide range of sleek, classic yet modern fixtures are available which will brighten up the space and provide that clean feeling that everyone wants out of a full bathroom – without taking up an inordinate amount of space. Shower cubicles without doors, such as those available from Matki showers, are an effective way to create an attractive, open space in which people will not feel cramped every time they walk in.

These days, another consideration is environmental friendliness. If you’re a homeowner, it’s simply no good to underpay for an average-quality shower head and then be faced with exorbitant water bills each month – especially if you have a family or other people living in the home besides yourself. On the upside, the cost of producing higher-quality, environmentally friendly shower fixtures has come down in recent years, and with “green” products now being more sought-after than ever, they are very likely to fall within the price range of someone seeking to renovate bathrooms of any size and for any number of people. If eco-friendliness and cost savings through increased efficiency are concerns for you, then consider installing a shower head from the product ranges of Fiora showers or Hansgrohe showers.

A final consideration is how the bathroom décor will all come together. While a wide range of shower heads and other bathroom fixtures are available in bright and shiny silver or glossy white or black, it is equally important to your home’s resale value that everything – walls, fixtures and all – fit into the same overall colour scheme. To that end, it is wise to choose a conservative palette of white, off-white, light blue or black for your bathroom walls.

Bathroom upgrades can be complicated, particularly when undertaking them for the first time for a small bathroom or in an older home, but they needn’t be. With a clear vision of what you want out of the space, you can easily turn a bathroom of any size into one of the most attractive rooms in your house. P.T. Ranson has been providing branded bathroom supplies and service for bathroom remodelling projects for years. P.T. Ranson has more than 30 years of collective experience and a commitment to providing the best possible products and service for each individual bathroom remodelling project.

When buying online from P.T. Ranson, deliveries on the UK mainland are free of charge. For more information, call today on 0191 4696999 or visit the PT Ranson Website today.

Using a Qualified and Registered Tree Surgeon

Using a Qualified and Registered Tree Surgeon

If you’re living on the countryside or own farmland, chances are, you will need tree surgery at some point. Over the last few years, we’ve seen storms rage across the UK during the wintertime, and the number of storms seem to be increasing every year. As a result, thousands of trees are at risk of falling and doing serious damage to houses, traffic, and even pedestrians.

That’s why it’s important to contact a tree surgeon and let them know of your concerns so that they can minimize the risk of dead trees falling onto public roads. Here at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons, we are ready to get to work on both domestic and commercial tree surgery. We work in Newcastle and the North East, so we cover a wide area and are ready to get working when you say the word.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some reasons why it’s important to use a qualified and registered tree surgeon, along with some of the benefits of doing so.

1. Checks If Your Intended Tree Surgery Is Affected by a Tree Protection Order

In the UK, all your intended works (tree surgery, tree felling, etc.,) must be checked and approved by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to see if your plans may affect conservation or any other ecological ecosystem. With most tree surgeons, they will be able to check with a TPO to see if your proposed plans are allowed. Here at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons, we submit your proposed plans to a TPO, plus the Local Authority to get your plans approved. This means that we can go ahead with your intended work. You’ll have to do less paperwork and spend time filling out applications. We do all that work for you.

2. Regulate Traffic Flow

If you need trees cut around a highway or road area, this means the incoming traffic will be affected by the machinery, since one side of the road will be blocked. However, some tree surgeons help regulate traffic flow by placing down temporary traffic lights or signs which will alert drivers. This will help the tree surgery run smoothly, while also keeping the traffic flowing. It’s always a great relief to know that all aspects of the traffic will be taken care of while the tree surgery is taking place. Not all tree surgeons do this, but we do this as well as carrying out highway tree surgery.

3. Precision and Variety

A tree surgeon will have the skillset and precision required to carry out a variety of tree surgery from working with tree stumps to cutting down towering Oak trees. Every tree requires the experience and knowledge required to carry out the tree surgery safely and accurately. Since there are so many varieties of trees, each of varying sizes and breadths, you always need to trust a tree surgeon who will carry out the job quickly and accurately, without any fatalities. That’s why using a qualified tree surgeon is so important, and most tree surgeons carry out dozens of techniques to carry out the requires tree surgery. It all depends on the tree at hand and the work needed to be done.


When you’re about to embark on tree surgery, it can be a daunting experience to search for a qualified and registered tree surgeon. We believe at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons that we can provide you with the quickest and most accurate tree surgery, to suit whatever work you need done. We offer the advantages listed above and we have had many customers who have praised us and thanked us for our work. You can see these customers at our Testimonials page.

Looking for Conservatory Roof Blinds

Made-to-Measure Conservatory Roof Blinds
If your conservatory needs a facelift, consider what a difference new blinds and perhaps also a fresh coat of paint will make and how much more comfortable you will be in your home environment once the job is done. New conservatory roof blinds come in a wide variety of styles and colours, and what will work best in your home depends largely on the number of windows you have – and, thus, the amount of natural light you have.

If your prefer blinds in lighter colours which won’t overly darken the room, simply opt for a thicker material like what is typically used for Roman blinds, paper blinds and high-quality Venetian blinds.  No matter what your preference may be in terms of looks, made-to-measure blinds can also improve energy efficiency by providing shade in the spring and summer months and blocking drafts in the winter.

Conservatory Blinds Direct are part of the InStyle blinds group, created out of our passion for high quality conservatory roof and window blinds to give you a secure & online access to the finest quality shading products in the world. We are mainly manufactures to the window blind trade and now we are offering the chance for you to cut out that middle man and buy direct from the manufacture saving you hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds over retail prices. All of Conservatory Blinds Direct products are made from the finest components and materials available. We are so confident in our products we are able to offer an industry unheard of 5 year Parts & Labour guarantee.

We believe in keeping shopping simple and here at Conservatory Blinds Direct, we offer a complete range of Shading & Privacy products for your home and because we don’t have huge expensive showrooms or commission hungry sales people we are able to offer pricing to suit any budget but the quality of the product remains high. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for in our online store, if it’s available we can make / supply it. Having been in the business of building and installing made-to-measure blinds in residential and commercial settings for over 25 years, our blinds can be measured to fit virtually any conservatory and / or window, without drilling into your window frames or otherwise taking away from the attractiveness of your home.

We’re certain that you will be absolutely thrilled to see what a dramatic improvement in the look of your home can result from such a simple change! Let our fully trained staff guide you toward the perfect set of made-to-measure blinds for your home today. To learn more or to request a free quote, call us on 01642 762497 or visit the Conservatory blinds direct website today.

Compliance with Leasehold Agreement via Sound Testing

Compliance with Leasehold Agreement via Sound Testing 
Clients often get in touch with us when they have run into trouble whilst undertaking refurbishments to their London apartments. In many cases they have a lease agreement t commencement of works and sound testing upon completion of the works.

However many people don’t abide by the lease agreement as they may not know about the condition; thereafter, once the works are complete they may often receive complaints from neighbours that they can hear extra noise; this is often because they have changed their floor finish from carpet to wood. Unless extra acoustic design consideration is undertaken to try and negate the extra noise resulting from the change of floor finish, it may result in extra airborne and impact noise being heard in unit below.

Usually, the lease agreements contain something similar to the following conditions: ‘If the tenant wants to change the floor construction within his dwelling he shall’:

• Commission an independent acoustic consultant to  carry out a pre installation test, design the new acoustic installation and carry out a post installation test and provide the results to the landlord’s surveyors for approval; and

• Invite the Landlord’s surveyor to inspect the acoustic insulation before it is concealed; and

• Accept that the Landlord, whilst granting this Licence, does not accept any responsibility for the design or performance of the insulation provided and that if any issues arise, the Tenant will address these immediately. In the event of reasonable complaint being upheld by the Landlord or his agent concerning noise affecting other Tenants within The Building, the Tenant will arrange for carpeting (the provision of which shall be determined by the Landlord) to be positioned and maintained at the Tenant’s sole cost;

To try and cater for the above requirements we offer an acoustic package comprising of the following:

1. Sample Sound Testing of the existing construction. This offers an accurate overview of the acoustic performance of the existing floor partition/s prior to the commencement of construction works. It also enables us to offer a targeted acoustic design using the sound insulation performance of the existing construction.

2. Acoustic design review – once we have the performance figures from the sample sound testing have been established, we can forward a design that should improve the performance of the existing floor partition – even if you are changing the floor finish from carpet (soft finish) to engineered timber floor (Hard finish)

3. Site Visit – This allows us to check that the installation team is installing the acoustic materials as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

4. Precompletion Sound Testing in-line with Approved Document E. This provides an accurate overview of the acoustic performance of the upgraded partition/s, the results of which can be handed over to the relevant person for sign off.

In our experience the usual noise problems range from airborne noise transmission from voices TVs and music to footfall impact noise caused by high heels on wooden/tiled floors – it is usually the impact noise that is picked up by the residents below as its impact sound that usually increases if the floor finish has been changed from carpet to wood.

Even if the floor assembly has been designed and constructed to provide adequate airborne isolation, impact noise can still be a major problem. If the finished floor surface had previously been carpet, the carpeting and underlay will normally provide a good degree of impact sound isolation. On the other hand, when the finished floor is floor is constructed in hardwood, stone or ceramic tile. Achieving good impact sound isolation requires much more attention.

If you think you may have a problem with sound in your dwelling and/or you have encountered complaints from a neighbour due to modifications you have made to your floor, then please contact us now. Always try to describe the problem in as much detail as possible. Describe the nature of the sounds, when and where you or your neighbour can hear it. Is it impact noise or airborne noise or a combination of both? The more information you can provide us, the quicker we can try to determine the nature of the problem and subsequently find a solution.

In many cases, due to varying constructions there may be varying noise problems; however, if we are employed from the beginning of a project it usually results in our clients complying fully with Building Regulations Part E and /or compliance with their leasehold agreement/s – which in turn may avert costly legal battles at the end of the project.

If you are about to make changes to your apartment, and you think you require acoustic design advice, then please visit the APT Sound Testing Services  or phone directly on 07775623464.

Looking to Update your Home with a New Bathroom

Looking to Update your Home with a New Bathroom
Having a new bathroom fitted is an excellent way to give your home a real boost and help keep it looking fresh and up to date, which will not only help add to the value of your home it will also really improve you and your family’s quality of life.  At P T Ranson they have a wide selection of bathroom products offing a range of stylish and innovative designs of excellent designers such as Vitra bathrooms and Kohler bathrooms so if you need any inspiration it is definitely worth taking a look at what they have available.



If you want to create a modern bathroom that is full of light and clutter free you may want to take a look at some of the designs available from Kohler bathrooms, with a wide range of high quality and elegant designs you will be able to find everything you need to create a bathroom that offers the best that modern design has to offer so you will be able to create a coordinated bathroom that is completely tailored to you and your family’s needs.

Vitra bathrooms also offer a great range of contemporary designs if you want to create a modern theme, with many of their designs combining a Turkish influence alongside the latest technology they offer the perfect balance of sophistication and practicality.  With everything you need to create a bathroom that you will really love from Vitra bathrooms it may be far easier than you may first think.

Having a built in bath, luxury shower or really well fitted bathroom furniture is the perfect way to make your new bathroom a real feature within your home and by choosing high quality products you know that you will be able to enjoy the benefits for years to come, so if you want to create the perfect bathroom why not take a look at some of the excellent bathroom ideas they have at P T Ranson?

Regardless of your tastes or the style you are hoping to achieve with such a wide range of top quality products you are sure to find the ideal shower for your bathroom. A bathroom remodel is a major investment in your home, after all, and we want you to be certain that the sum you invest today will result in a new look for your bathroom that you will love for years to come and that will leave you in a good position to sell if you ever decide to do so.

Whatever type of bathroom you would like to make or if you are just looking around for some new ideas the excellent range at P T Ranson is the ideal place to start looking for everything you need. With so many different ranges available from such a wide range of suppliers, all featuring their own unique features, you will find plenty of products to compare until you are totally happy with the design  that you have chosen.

Whether you prefer to soak in the tub or unwind under the shower you will be able to find the perfect solutions for you and your family even if you have a small or awkwardly shaped bathroom, and with excellent customer service every time you can be certain that no matter what new bathroom you may choose, at P T Ranson they will do everything they can to ensure that you are 100 per-cent happy with your purchase.

So why not head over to their website for some inspiration and start planning what you could do with your bathroom this year?  With so many unique and high performance products on offer from some top bathroom design companies you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed. For more information please telephone: 0191 469 6999 or visit their bathrooms and showers showroom.

How to improve your onsite Sound Test Results

How to improve your onsite Sound Test Results
If you have started a new development and/or you are converting a house into flats, it is important that from the offset you realise that you will need to comply with stringent sound insulation requirements of Approved Document E. Both new and converted residential dwellings use must meet the standards stipulated in Approved Document E. Part E states that the separating floor partition (floor between two separate dwellings) must achieve sound insulation figures of 45dB for airborne sound and 62dB for impact sound on all new builds and 43dB for airborne sound and 64dB for impact sound on converted dwellings.

Building Control will expect you to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document E 2003 by undertaking an independent sound insulation test to prove that you have met the standards for sound insulation between dwellings.
The sound testing must only be carried out by either UKAS or ANC approved companies. If the sound tests are not carried out by approved Acousticians then Building Control may not accept the sound test report and subsequently it may need to be undertaken again by an approved company costing more time and money.

Air Pressure Testing is UKAS accredited to undertake sound insulation testing as well as air tightness testing. We offer design advice to help our client achieve Part E sign off. In some cases clients instruct us to proceed with the sound testing, without having carried our any acoustic upgrades or remedial works often resulting in their partitions failing the sound test.

Most typical timber floors will perform to about 32-34dB for airborne sound and 70-72db for impact sound, before any acoustic floor and ceiling system treatments have been applied. Obviously with these results the floor partition/s will need considerable improvement to meet the acoustic requirements of Document E.

Using our design experience and the knowledge gained by undertaking thousands of sound insulation tests, it enables us to develop and provide an acoustic system that will exceed the sound regulations defined in Approved Document E, thus avoiding potential time delays and costs associated with sound test failure/s.

Most suppliers of acoustic/sound insulation products quote laboratory sound tests to demonstrate the performance of their systems. This often causes considerable confusion regarding how well products will perform as there are usually large differences between the laboratory and site conditions. For instance laboratory sound tests do not take account of flanking sound and therefore produce sound insulation figures that would be very difficult to achieve on site.

Also, despite site contractor’s best endeavours, it is extremely difficult to build to the stringent exacting standards of the test laboratory. When the construction assembly is undertaken in the lab, it has gone through an exacting installation technique prior to the sound test, which is also a contributing factor why better sound testing levels are achieved. Throughout the acoustic installation the manufacturer’s guidance is followed to the letter by the lab technicians. Although, this should be replicated on site, it seldom is and so a design which can be robust and well in excess of Part E requirements can often lose approx. 8-10dB compared to the results achieved in the laboratory. Unfortunately there may be many reasons for the poor sound test results such as poor quality site installation as well as other on-site issues where cost, time and programming constraints may come into play.

One important thing to consider is that most building structures will be subject to varying amount of flanking sound, so field sound test data should show the real performance of a system in a building. Laboratory sound insulation tests simply measure sound and do not account for flanking sound transmission.
All laboratory sound insulation test results will show airborne sound as Rw (+Ctr) figures and impact sound as Lnw figures, whereas filed tests are shown as DnT,w +Ctr (airborne) and LnT,w (impact).

It is very important that acoustic installation details are closely followed to ensure that the onsite results are as close as possible to the laboratory target. We offer an acoustic design service, to help you achieve Part E compliance at the first attempt.

The following list explains what should be done to achieve a successful onsite sound tests and Part E compliance:

1. Ensure that the construction team is fully briefed of the acoustic details.
2. Ensure that the manufactures installation booklet is on site at all times.
3. Ensure that the Acoustic floor is fitted with staggered joints.
4. If you are installing floating screed ensure all isolation layer joints are overlapped and taped.
5. Ensure all the Acoustic floor is sealed watertight even around heating pipes.
6. Do not nail or screw through an Acoustic Floor.
7. Do not screws plaster board into joists, when using a Resilient Bar system.
8. Ensure the insulation fills the whole width of void
9. Pack around pipe work and double board with staggered joints.
10. Ensure that the plasterboard on any walls is complete right down to within 5-10mm of the subfloor and seal all gaps.
11. Ensure you use the isolation tape around the wall of each room.
12. Ensure plasterboard is fitted with staggered layers and all joints sealed.
13. If using Resilient Bars ensure that they are fitted as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
14. Ensure all Fireplaces are blocked up with brick or a twin lined plasterboard system and filled with acoustic insulation.
15. Ensure that any RSJ’s or supporting steel work is insulated and isolated from plasterboard.
16. Ensure all waste pipe service runs are boxed in with insulation and plasterboard.
17. Ensure all doors and windows are installed before the test is carried out, to stop noise transference.

We offer an acoustic design service to make sure the acoustic elements are being installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines, if you are worried about passing your sound testing at the first attempt please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01525 303905 or by visiting our website at:

Heslop Electrical Appliances of Newcastle

Heslop Electrical Appliances of Newcastle
At Heslop Electrical Appliances they offer a really good range of home electrical appliances and offer one of the most reliable home delivery services available in Newcastle and North East so if you are planning of buying something for your home soon you may want to take a look at the great range of products that they have in stock.  With delivery and installation available on most items within seven days, they aim to ensure that every customer is left totally satisfied with their purchase and they will even take you old item away for you as well.

With many products on offer including cookers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, washing machines and tumbles dryers as well as a range of smaller appliances including vacuum cleaners from top quality suppliers including Bosch, Hotpoint and Indesit you can be sure to find everything you need for your home and with many integrated appliances available as well you will have plenty of choice if your kitchen is fully fitted. Whether you are looking for something to cope with the demands of a busy family or the perfect appliances to complement a designer home you can be certain that you will locate the Electrical Appliances or white goods you are searching for.

Many items come with a full warranty and any installation work is carried out by a member of their fully trained professional insulation team so you can be certain that any product that you buy will meet all required safety requirements and any work carried out will meet the highest possible industry standards. As part of their focus on customer care you can be sure that any installers that visit your home will be polite and friendly and cause the minimum of disruption, and if you do have any problems they will do everything they can to put things right.

Heslop Appliances they want to be sure that you are completely happy with any purchase you might make and offer excellent customer service at every stage, so if you need any help or advice about what products might be best for you they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have to help you make the right decision. With a genuine commitment to offering great value to all their customers at they aim to offer high quality products and excellent service for the best possible price so all their stock is constantly reviewed to ensure it includes some of the highest performing and efficient models available.

With over twenty years-experience in the supply and installation of electrical goods, including brands such as Fagor, Candy, Baumatic and built-in appliances, you can be certain we have the knowledge to advise you to the best appliance for your needs.

The Heslop appliances store can be found close to the city centre of Newcastle and we with seven days a week delivery available on all electrical stock, the brands we supply include Bosch, Hotpoint, Indesit, Candy, Hoover, Zanussi, Aeg, Flavel, Beko, Ignis, Whirlpool, Daewoo, Fridgemaster, and Gorenje.

Stocking a diverse and comprehensive range of white electrical goods, kitchen appliances and domestic appliances – all available at discount prices, we boast an exceptional range of discount built in ovens and cookers, microwaves, electric hobs, extractor hoods, refrigerators, washing machines, washer dryer, dishwasher, and vacuum cleaners.

Reliability, product knowledge and excellent back up service ensure our customers keep coming back – some have been using us for many years, with much of our business being repeat business with many of our clients ordering new appliances time and time again. Enquiries are welcome and free impartial advice is given.

If you are looking for a good old fashioned service at a great price then call us now on 0191 2634296 or visit the Heslop Electrical Appliances website for further information and details of the stock we have.