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Airport Email Scam Thwarted by UK

Airport Email Scam Thwarted by UK

Airport email scam thwarted by UK’s cyber-defender NCSC
An attempt to defraud thousands of people using a bogus email from a UK airport was one of a range of cyber-attacks prevented last year.

The scam used a fake address, but the messages were prevented from ever reaching their intended recipients.

The details were revealed by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre in an annual report.

In all, NCSC disclosed it had stopped 140,000 separate phishing attacks.

This refers to the attempted online theft of bank details and other sensitive information by impersonating a trustworthy person or organisation.

In addition, the agency said it had taken down 190,000 fraudulent sites.

This often happened quickly. The centre said that 64% of illegal sites were offline within 24 hours of being discovered and 99.3% eventually went dark.

This is the second time NCSC has published a progress report for its Active Cyber Defence programme. The effort – which uses a mix of automated processes to defeat internet-based threats to the UK – was launched in late-2016.

One focus is to take down malware and phishing sites. This is normally done by finding out who hosts the websites involved and then telling them that their clients are running a criminal operation. Most providers take down the pages quickly, although there are some exceptions.

NCSC has not shared the name of the airport the fraudsters attempted to impersonate last August.

But it did say that the failed scheme involved sending 200,000 emails to members of the public asking them to pay a fee in order to receive a larger refund.

Had the intended victims paid the sum, they would have got nothing in return.

The security centre also took the criminals’ real email address offline to ensure they could not receive any replies.

Another success was an apparent reduction in the number of attacks in which fraudsters had posed as HM Revenue and Customs.

Scammers often pretend to offer individuals tax refunds if they provide bank accounts and a facilitation payment.

At the start of January 2016, HMRC was the 16th most popular disguise used in phishing emails.

By the end of 2019, a series of new measures had reduced its global ranking to 146th.

Pass Your Sound Insulation Testing

Pass Your Sound Insulation Testing

Reduce Noise Flanking to Pass Your Sound Insulation Testing.

Noise flanking or sound flanking is a sound that transmits between spaces indirectly, going over or around, rather than directly through the main separating acoustic element. This can allow sound to transmit between spaces even though the main separating element itself provides good acoustic insulation.

Flanking noise or sound is defined as sound from a source room that is not transmitted via the separating building element e.g. the wall or floor partition. The sound is transmitted indirectly via paths such as external walls, windows, doors and internal corridors or where construction elements are not isolated as resulting in indirect or flanking noise transmission.

Pass Your Sound Insulation Testing

One of the most popular reasons for excessive flanking noise and potential sound test failure in apartment blocks is due to the use of lightweight blocks within the inner perimeter construction. The lightweight blockwork acts like a large snare drum allowing sound to travel straight up and across the inner perimeter wall from one unit to the other. Even if you have used an acoustically robust party wall or floor partition there is a high chance the sound insulation testing may still fail. If you have used lightweight blocks in your onsite construction and the building subsequently fails the sound insulation testing, you may need to construction an independent lining throughout the inner perimeter wall; this should provide some isolation and mass to reduce the chance of noise flanking.

Invariably, sound will usually find the easiest noise transmission path through construction materials. For instance, construction workers sometimes run lightweight inner envelope walls straight through the whole elevation. Unfortunately, even though acoustically robust walls may be pulled of the inner envelope, it doesn’t stop sound travelling from unit to unit via the continuous perimeter wall. In this instance the party wall should run straight through to the back of the cavity and the perimeter wall should abut the party wall. This will provide a continuous cavity and a break in the perimeter wall.

Typical Sound Flanking Pathways are as follows:

  1. Dividing Floor Partitions – through Floor and Floor Joist Space (if insulation has not been installed or direct fixing to joists without a drop ceiling below the partition under test)
  2. Dividing Ceiling Partitions – above and Through the Ceiling Space (where an adequate acoustic break has not been carried on through the ceiling void)
  3. Shared Building Components – floor Boards, Floor Joists, Continuous Drywall Partitions, Continuous Concrete Floors, and Cement Block Walls.
  4. Plumbing Chases – within walls & floor slab should be filed with mortar etc. to add mass to this weakened area
  5. Via Electrical Fixtures – Light Switches, Telephone Outlets, and Recessed Lighting Fixtures (if penetrations have been cut back to back with the opposite dwelling under test)
  6. Via Structural Steel – structural steel beams are often a major cause of noise transmission as it may run through separate dwellings and plasterboard is often fixed directly to the steel without sound breaks.
  7. Through Windows – if they are single glazed and are in close proximity to separate dwellings within the building envelope, and do not have secondary glazing as a minimum.
  8. Structural Joints – perimeter and movement joints should be filled with acoustic mastic.
  9. Small gaps or air paths – seal all perimeter and party wall/floor partitions with sealant.

To reduce the chance of noise flanking transmission, the acoustic design should be considered at the initial design stage of the project. Good design detailing will minimise the chance of noise flanking and should help the project pass its sound insulation testing negating the need for expensive remedial treatments at the end of the project.

Pass Your Sound Insulation Testing

We can advise on all types of acoustic design, whether it’s accomplished during initial construction or during a refurbishment/renovation project. We also undertake UKAS accredited sound insulation testing, providing a ‘one stop’ solution for all your acoustic requirements.

If you would like more information in regards to sound insulation testing and/or acoustic design advice, then please call us now at or call us on 07775623464. Alternatively please visit our website at

Affordable Small Business SEO Services

Affordable Small Business SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services
Search Engine Optimisation is an important facet for establishing a successful business. These days the online business world has become highly competitive, therefore to attain good search engine rankings for your business, it is imperative to apply the latest SEO rakning factors that ensures impressive website ranking.

If you are in the process of launching your new business, then it is important to invest in small business SEO. The old adage of ‘build it and they will come’ no longer applies. Our servicea are specifically designed to enhance traffic to the website and help an organisation to find its place in the top 10 results of the search engine.

Small business SEO services are meant to assist new business so that it can get its feet in this online world. Our strategies and techniques are highly effective and ensure more leads to your business. These comprehensive packages include all the SEO elements require to make your business an unimaginable success. Some attributes of our packages:

> Affordable Costs
> All Major SEO Elements
> Unmatched Optimisation Strategies
> Address Specific Needs of Business

Affordable SEO Services
Our affordable SEO service packages are the perfect amalgamation of in-depth research, unparalleled SEO practices, and meticulous analysis.

The price of our SEO packages is just a small fraction of the return on investment you will acquire after opting our market leading SEO services. Whatever type or size of business you operate, our SEO service packages are devised to cater everyone’s digital needs.

Claim Your FREE SEO Audit

At Direct Submit we believe there’s always room for improvement when it comes to a website’s optimisation – the challenge for most business owners is understanding what the issues are and knowing what to do about them.

To help, we can provide you with a detailed SEO Audit Report so you can discover what’s preventing you from getting the rankings you need, and unlock the potential for increased traffic and more business from the Internet.

Direct Submit are a UK based digital marketing agency that specialises in all things SEO. Set up over 15-years ago, we have been continually adjusting and tweaking our proprietary SEO strategies, which has made us leaders in our industry.

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Jaguar Announces Electric Car Investment

Jaguar Announces Electric Car Investment

Jaguar Land Rover announces electric car investment
Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is investing hundreds of millions of pounds to build a range of electric vehicles at its Castle Bromwich plant in Birmingham, the BBC are reporting.

Initially the plant will produce an electric version of the Jaguar XJ.

JLR says the move will help secure the jobs of 2,700 workers at the plant.

The news follows January’s announcement, when the firm said it would cut 4,500 jobs, with the majority coming from the UK. That followed 1,500 jobs lost in 2018.

“The future of mobility is electric and, as a visionary British company, we are committed to making our next generation of zero-emission vehicles in the UK,” said Prof Ralf Speth, JLR’s chief executive.

The decision appears to contradict previous warnings by JLR that investment in the UK would be threatened by Brexit, and in particular a no-deal scenario.

However, industry experts say that JLR could not wait to see the outcome of the Brexit, as it needed to update its range of vehicles.

“Given where it is in its product lifecycle it [JLR] has to make this decision. The capacity is at Castle Bromwich and there’s research and development nearby as well, so they’ve basically run out of time on this decision,” David Bailey, a professor of business economics at Birmingham Business School, told the BBC’s Today programme.

He added that without the new investment the Castle Bromwich plant would “effectively be dead”.

The plant also produces the Jaguar XF, XE and F-Type.

Business Secretary Greg Clark said: “Today’s announcement is a vote of confidence in the UK automotive industry – protecting thousands of skilled jobs.

“It reflects our determination for the UK to be at the forefront of the development and manufacturing of the next generation of electric vehicles.”

JLR’s announcement comes a day after a report showed that in June sales of low emission cars had fallen for the first time in more than two years.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said the fall in alternatively fuelled cars, such as hybrid electric vehicles, was “a grave concern”.

It said efforts to sell such cars were being undermined by confusing policies and “premature” removal of subsidies.

In response, the government said its focus on zero emission models had been a success, with registrations of battery electric vehicles up over 60% this year compared with the same period in 2018.

Internet Security – A Quick Guide

Internet Security – A Quick Guide

Internet Security – A Quick Guide
The internet has, overwhelmingly, been positive for humanity. People are now able to connect with one another across oceans, share information, and deepen knowledge and understanding in ways that would once have been seen as impossible.

Whether you want to catch up with your friends, research which restaurant you want to visit this weekend, or read up on a pet subject, the internet is the perfect solution.

However, while its benefits cannot be denied, the internet does have its downsides – and most specifically in terms of security. In an effort to ensure you can enjoy all the advantages of the internet without any of the disadvantages, below, we at Direct Submit provided a number of simple internet security tips you may wish to implement in future.

Here are some simple steps to ensure both you and your business remain safe on the internet.

> Install internet security software
Running internet security software on your endpoints (computers, mobile devices, tablets, etc) is the simplest place to start with a project like this.

> Implement network security systems
Security appliances are a must, particularly for businesses with a large corporate network. The most fundamental of these is the firewall, which filters web traffic to try and prevent malware or malicious actors gaining access to the internal network. There are also email protection systems, and secure web gateway solutions that also offer protection for other internet-connected systems, such as instant messaging programmes.

> Consider using a VPN
A virtual private network (commonly abbreviated to VPN) is the ultimate internet security step; the VPN acts as a private, encrypted third party between your computer and the websites you are using. Using a VPN allows you to effectively shield your IP address from the wider world, which in turn will enable you to browse with confidence, knowing that your activities are effectively untraceable and thus your personal data is secure.
In conclusion

> Education
Educating the rest of the business is a key component of the internet security process for businesses. The entire business should be encouraged to take a sceptical “better safe than sorry” approach, particularly as workers are one of the most common ways malicious actors gain entry to corporate systems.

> Test your defences
Everyone is confident in their own ability to create an infallible system, but there’s really only one way to be sure your defences hold up under stress – if you really want to know if you are safe – get someone to attack them. This will test any technical measures you’ve put in place, like security software, fire breaks and so on, as well as the efficacy of any training that’s been put in place.

While the internet has been undeniably beneficial in countless ways, the security risks it poses can be troubling. Thankfully, these security risks can be greatly reduced by employing the Internet Security options above – allowing you to browse with complete peace of mind at all times.

An Approved Asbestos Consultant

An Approved Asbestos Consultant

Working with an Approved Asbestos Consultant
If you own a property, then there are specific regulations and rules you must abide by. One of these relates to asbestos. If you discover asbestos in any of your properties, then you’re legally obliged to make sure it’s taken care of correctly. As such, it’s crucial that you work with an approved asbestos consultant to ensure that everything is handled according to the law.

Some property owners believe that they can take care of things on their own. However, working with an approved asbestos consultant will present you with the following benefits:

Complete Compliance

The key benefit, and the main reason you need an asbestos consultant, is that they help you achieve total compliance. There are many rules relating to how asbestos is managed within buildings. You can’t simply get rid of it however you like, or ignore it.

Asbestos must be safely contained, sealed, and clearly labelled. If you don’t follow the correct rules, then it can create problems. You put the safety of others at risk, and you may even fail a health & safety inspection, leading to the temporary or permanent closure of your property.

To be absolutely sure that the right compliance is met, you should trust an asbestos consultancy to help you out.

Asbestos Training

Believe it or not, but you will also benefit from extensive asbestos awareness training when working with an approved consultant. It is the duty holder’s legal responsibility to manage asbestos in their property. As such, training can be provided to make you more aware of this substance and what to do when you encounter it.

If you tried to manage things by yourself – without any training – then you probably have no idea what to do. Not only will you be unaware of how to manage asbestos, but you don’t know how to detect it in the first place. With training, you become more competent and confident in this regard.

Extensive Surveys

If you own a non-domestic property that was built before the year 2000, then you need an asbestos survey. It’s unwise to carry one out by yourself as you won’t know what to look for, or what to do afterwards.

So, if you work with an asbestos consultant, you get the benefit of a comprehensive asbestos survey. Your property is checked from top to bottom, and all of the main problem areas are searched. If any asbestos is detected, then the type is noted, the location of it, how bad it is, and so on. You’ll then have a management plan drawn up to see what happens next.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that’s proven to lead to a range of medical conditions. As the property owner, you’re legally forced to keep people in your property safe from harm. Thus, you must manage asbestos and understand what to do if any is detected.

Working with an approved asbestos consultant is the best course of action as you’re guaranteed to comply with the current laws and regulations. Any asbestos will be detected, managed, and your property will be kept safe. 0

EE Introduces Queue Jumping Charge

EE Introduces Queue Jumping Charge

EE Introduces Queue Jumping Charge
Mobile phone company EE has introduced a charge for jumping the queue on customer service calls. Callers are invited by an automated message to use the priority service for a flat fee of 50 pence.

Some customers, especially those who have been with the company for years, are unhappy that calls are not treated equally.

But EE said that they had set high standards for their customer service operations.

One customer – Andrew Griffiths – told BBC Radio 4?s You and Yours that he would consider switching if EE was the only firm to do this. It added that the “small charges” for certain services contributed to the investment in this side of the business.

The priority answering system is similar in some ways to queue jumping charges at airports and theme parks.

The service has been available for a week to customers on pay monthly on Sim-only plans.

“I thought it was a bad idea for a company to offer to provide what really ought to be a standard level of customer service for a fee,” he said. “It makes you think that perhaps they might not be trying too hard to answer the non-prioritised calls.”

Sony Reveals PlayStation TV Launch Dates in the UK and US

Sony Reveals PlayStation TV Launch Dates in the UK and US

Sony Reveals PlayStation TV Launch Dates in the UK and US
Sony has revealed autumn launch dates for its PlayStation TV in the US, UK, and Europe. Available in Japan since last year, the micro-console is the firm’s efforts to take on other streaming television consoles like AppleTV and Roku.

Unlike those, Sony’s offering will allow gamers access to PlayStation games.

Sony said consoles will go on sale in the US on 14 October and in the UK on 14 November. They will cost $99 (£59) in the US and 99 euros (£78) in Europe, and will include three games. The UK price has not yet been announced.

The console will allow users access to Sony’s games library via Remote Play, and it will also offer access to third-party applications like Netflix. In the US, it will also offer access to Sony’s game-streaming service, PlayStation Now, which will be coming to Europe and the UK in 2015.

Sony has previously announced the existence of the PlayStation TV at various events.

Many analysts seem optimistic about the device’s prospects, despite earlier failed streaming games efforts, such as OnLive, which was forced to lay off all of its employees in 2012. “This TV could be a proper streaming device, one that could compete well with the other ones that are out there – the Apple, Roku, even things like Amazon FireTV,” Brian Blau, research director of consumer technology at Gartner, told the BBC. “It’s not the most robust streaming service and it’s not the most robust gaming device but it’s enough of both for the price,” he added.

Analysts say that the device is not necessarily intended to appeal to serious gamers, but to those who are looking for a second-screen or the ability to play older PlayStation games.

“Sony is trying to introduce a broader audience to PlayStation, so with PlayStation TV, they can address a lower income or more casual market and provide access to a huge library of games,” said Michael Pachter, research analyst at Wedbush Securities. However, Mr Pachter cautioned that simply appealing to gamers would not make the device a runaway success. “It’s an odd device, and will be hard to explain to many people,” he said.

The announcement was made during the PlayStation press conference at the Gamescom trade fair in Cologne in Germany, where Sony also announced it had sold 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles, better than rival Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Full Economic Recovery Will Not Solve Youth Unemployment

Full Economic Recovery Will Not Solve Youth Unemployment

Full Economic Recovery Will Not Solve UK Youth Unemployment
Centre-left think tank the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says that a full-blown economic recovery will not resolve the UK’s youth unemployment problem. Its latest report says despite steady falls in unemployment, there are still 868,000 out-of-work 16 to 24-year-olds.

Later on Wednesday, the latest official UK unemployment figures will be revealed. They have been falling steadily for the last year.

The IPPR highlights a striking mismatch between what young people are training for and the types of jobs available. For example, it says, 94,000 people were trained in beauty and hair for just 18,000 jobs, while only 123,000 were trained in the construction and engineering sectors for an advertised 275,000 jobs.

The IPPR says youth unemployment is lower in countries where the vocational route into employment through formal education and training is as clear as the academic route. It says this helps, as it puts the two on a higher perceived footing.

Although the youth unemployment rate has fallen sharply from 20.9% a year ago to 17.8%, the IPPR says there are still 868,000 unemployed young people aged 16 to 24 and 247,000 of them have been looking for work for more than a year.

About 700,000 young people have never had a job.

A Work and Pensions Department spokesperson said the IPPR’s report was “misleading”, arguing that the number of unemployed young people who are not working full time had dropped to about 530,000. “Youth employment is up, youth unemployment has been dropping for 10 months in a row and the number of young people claiming the main unemployment benefit has dropped for 31 months in a row to around 250,000,” a spokesperson said.

Tony Dolphin, IPPR chief economist, said: “We can learn lots from countries like Germany and the Netherlands. “A strong workplace-based vocational education and training system, with high employer involvement, contributes more to a smoother transition from education to work and a low rate of youth unemployment than anything else.”

The official figures are expected to show another fall in unemployment and in the numbers claiming jobseeker’s allowance.

German Industrial Output Fuels Slowdown Concerns

German Industrial Output Fuels Slowdown Concerns

German Industrial Output Fuels Slowdown Concerns
German industrial output rose 0.3% in June from May as concerns over the Ukraine crisis weighed on the economy. The Economy Ministry figure was lower than many economists forecast and comes after a 1.8% fall in output in May. The ministry said that, after strong output data in the first three months of 2014, weaker growth was expected.

It comes as the European Central Bank (ECB) prepares to announce its latest interest rate decision, and a day after Italy fell back into recession.

According to the Economy Ministry, manufacturing output edged up by 0.1% and construction output rose by 1.2%. Taking the period from April to June, industrial output fell by 1.5% compared with the preceding three months, the ministry said.

“The second quarter was weaker, as expected, after the first quarter was exceptionally strong,” the ministry said. “The positive basic trend will continue.” However, “geopolitical developments may have had a dampening effect,” the ministry said.

Christian Schulz, analyst at Berenberg Bank, said the June data were “less than expected… and it is too little to turn the second quarter into a growth quarter. “The Putin-factor plays a role because of the Ukraine crisis. Some export firms have become more cautious and are ordering less, so less is being produced,” he said.

Meanwhile, Spain’s industrial output rose 0.8% year-on-year in June, data from the National Statistics Institute.

June’s rise marked the eighth straight month of expansion and compared with growth of 2.5% in May.

The figures come ahead of an interest rate announcement later on Thursday from the ECB.

Worries about an economic slowdown in the eurozone, persistent low inflation, and the Ukraine crisis, have dominated discussions about the direction of rates.

However, the ECB is expected to hold its main rate at a record low of 0.15% as it waits to assess the impact of stimulus measures announced previously.

“After the fireworks in June, it is not the time to take fresh measures because the ECB wants to wait and see how things develop,” said Reinhard Cluse, economist at UBS. “The ECB wants to keep its powder dry.”