Google’s Wi-Fi Data to be Deleted.

Google’s wi-fi data to be deleted.
The UK’s information commissioner has said that wi-fi data accidentally collected by Google’s Street View cars will be deleted “as soon as possible”. Deputy information commissioner David Smith told the BBC that there would be no further enquiries into the matter. He said there was no indication that any information collected “had fallen into the wrong hands”.

It will not appease critics who called for the search giant to be fined.

There were no grounds for fining Google, Mr Smith told the BBC. “We’d have had to find that there was substantial damage or distress to individuals from the collection of snippets of e-mails, URLs and passwords. We’d have to meet that criteria for a penalty to be imposed,” he said.

Google admitted earlier this year that it had accidentally collected information from unsecured wireless networks around the world. The incident came to light during a routine audit by the Hamburg data authority.

It led to dozens of enquiries with some – notably the Canadian data commissioner – offering detailed findings about the nature of the breaches.

The Canadian investigation found that Google captured personal information, including a list of names of people suffering from certain medical conditions.

Canadian privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said thousands of Canadians had been affected. The findings led her to conclude that the search giant “seriously violated” its privacy laws.

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