Looking for Window Blinds in Wales

Looking for Window Blinds in Wales
It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing a window blind of one sort or another. Your doctor might have one in his office, the accountants will have them fitted in their windows. Your trip to the Do It Yourself store could lead to confusion from the sheer quantity and types of blinds available on the market. But there is no reason to think that blinds are difficult or pointless. On the contrary, they help keep our privacy and comfort intact throughout your home.

Cadwallader Blinds offer a comprehensive supply and fitting service across Wales, they take the hassle out of finding the perfect solution for you and your home. You will be able to choose from a comprehensive range of window blinds offering many quality styles, colours and fabrics.

But how did blinds come to be? Who came up with the idea and brought it to fruition? Believe it or not, they aren’t a recent invention. Blinds goes back further than you realize.

The early Egyptians strung reeds together to form their blinds. The ancient Chinese chose to use bamboo. It’s easy to picture these early blinds shading a mighty pharaoh or craftsman working hard at his trade. They worked well enough – they would have to stick around for thousands of years! When the Persians introduced blinds to Venice, “Venetian” blinds spread like wildfire. Venetian blinds provide form and function for homes around the world. No matter what language you speak, you need something durable to keep you safe from the sun. Cadwallader Blinds offer a stylish and modern range of Venetian blinds which can be measured and fitted at affordable prices to suit your taste and enhance your home or office beautifully.

In 1769, an Englishman named Edward Bevan was awarded the first patent for Venetian blinds. He discovered you could place wooden slats in a frame and manipulate the slats to let light into a room. John Hampson of New Orleans adjusted the invention in 1841. He added the ability to change the angle of the horizontal slats, paving the way for the blinds we know and love today.

It’s said that Thomas Jefferson loved blinds. He had every window in every home he owned outfitted with wooden blinds. He treasured them so much he even had the blinds listed in his will to be given to loved ones. Cadwallader Blinds in Wales can provide you with attractive and practical venetian blinds to complement your home or office

It’s not hard to figure out why blinds have such lasting appeal. They do a lot for us, and we have a lot of options to choose from in today’s world. There are aluminium blinds, bamboo blinds, even blinds made from vinyl. You can get motorized blinds, solar shades, even mini blinds for smaller windows. If you’re on a budget, you still have choices for which Cadwallader Blinds in Wales are ideally placed to find the right window blind for you, whether it is for your home or the office. No matter what your style is, you don’t have to look far to find something from Cadwallader Blinds extensive range that suits your home.

Did you ever think that a piece of history was sitting right in front of you? As you go through your daily routine, take a few minutes to marvel the shades that keep you and your family content and comfortable. Think about the shades and colours that give you the privacy and style you need in busy neighbourhoods and office buildings. When the time comes to add new window blinds to your space, ponder the variety available to you. Blinds may not seem like anything special, but they go back thousands of years – can you say the same for something else?

If you are looking to have Window Blinds installed in your blinds in your home, school or office, consider using a professional, Cadwallader Blinds in Wales offer you a Quotation, Measuring, and installation service to ensure that your window blinds meet your needs and are professionally fitted. Also, there is a huge variation in the quality of blinds sold at local retail locations, most of which are cheap Chinese imports that yellow and crack. A professional service as provided by Cadwallader Blinds can quickly help you pick blinds that will last and make the installation process very enjoyable.

Window blinds have been around for centuries to provide protection from the sun, wind, and outdoors. It is believed that window blinds were originally discovered in Egypt, Persia, or China. Ancient desert civilizations, like the Egyptians, used wetted strips of cloth as window blinds to keep out the dirt and sun. In Persia, Venetian blinds were first used from 1100 AD to 1500 AD. The ancient Chinese created window blinds by tying bamboo stalks together. Window blinds, especially Venetian blinds, did not appear in European culture until the early 1700’s. Although they did not originate in Europe, Venetian blinds emerged near Venice, coining the name ‘Venetian blinds.’ In this modern day you want to find the right type of window blind quickly and easily, taking away the fuss of fitting them yourself. Cadwallader Blinds in Wales can take away all the hassle of this by giving you a free no obligation measuring and quotation service and should you choose to buy your window blinds from Cadwallader Blinds they will fit them free of charge all as part of the professional service.

Over the years, window blinds grew in popularity and developed in function and style. John Hampson of New Orleans invented a mechanism in 1841 to control the angle of Venetian blind slats, allowing them to adjust the amount of light passing through. After WWII, Venetian blinds took off in popularity and sales, Cadwallader Blinds are the perfect choice to help you get the right blind for your Home, Office or school.

Window blinds further progressed to different styles. Edward and Frederick Bopp from Kansas City invented and patented the vertical blinds in 1950. Like horizontal Venetian blinds, vertical blinds hang from a track and are adjustable to allow in varying amounts of light. In 1970’s, the 1” aluminium “Mini-Blinds” were introduced. Starting in the 1980’s, the wide-slatted wood and faux wood blinds gained popularity throughout the United States. Once again Cadwallader Blinds offer you the range of choices to ensure you make the best choice.

Future technology was introduced to allow complete remote control of any window coverings via the Platinum Technology Motorization. In 2011, the Platinum Solar Energy Sensor was invented to detect the amount of solar energy entering the window, and to adjust the window coverings for optimal insulation from heat and cold.

No matter what your taste is in window blinds, Cadwallader Blinds in Wales has the perfect option for you and your home office or school. Cadwallader Quality Window Blinds supply a full measuring, quotation and installation service throughout Wales and the South West, including; Blinds in Powys, Blinds in Carmarthenshire, Blinds in Ceredigion, Blinds in Shropshire, Blinds in Swansea, Blinds in Neath, Blinds in Port Talbot and Blinds in Cardiff.

We offer our window Blinds in Wales at competitive prices with a no obligation free quote. As we are a family run business you can be sure we offer a personal and professional service from start to finish

If you would like more information in regards to our window blinds service, please visit our website at www.cadwalladerblinds.co.uk or email us at info@cadwalladerblinds.co.uk; alternatively, you can call Steve Direct on 07517 112456. It may be the best investment you ever make.