Metro Car Rental

Metro Car Hire SEO Project
We at Direct Submit have always adopted a long term approach to all of the clients we work with. Effective SEO to any website takes time and management and, with the help and understanding of the client, a much more successful ‘long term’ online marketing project can be achieved.

One such client is Metro Rental of Newcastle upon Tyne. We have worked with Metro Car Rental for many years now and have helped the client’s car and van rental business develop into a highly successful car hire business serving the North East and beyond.

The recent Google updates have affected many website and their respective listing in Google, even to long established and high quality websites such as Metro Car Hire. But because we have such a good working relationship with the client, Direct Submit have been able to meet with the client and discuss a strategy to restore the website to its previously excellent rankings in the major Search Engines.

Many websites have been negatively affected by the recent Google updates but most genuine websites, with quality content will soon recover. If you feel that you need any help or support in promoting your website across the Internet then give Direct Submit a call today on 0845 2722350.