Benefits of an Interim Executive

Benefits of an Interim Executive
HW Global Talent Partner has built a reputation for excellence in executive search over the past decade among the many global and local brands we serve.

But did you know we also have an interim management business? Many of our executive search clients also turn to us when they require a swift interim appointment at a crucial time for their business, often to bridge the gap during a search process we are conducting.

Interim management

HW Interim provides experienced and talented interim and change management executives to PLCs, private companies, SMEs and private equity backed organisations both in the UK and overseas.The key sectors we work in include Retail, Consumer and Financial Services, and the wide range of recent assignments we have completed have included interim CFO, FD, CTO, CMO, Supply Chain/Ops Director and Head of Risk.

We have access to an elite network of senior executives who specialise in change, turnaround or transformation whom HW have met, vetted, referenced and in many cases known as clients.

Working alongside the executive search business we can source the ideal interim to match our clients’ needs. With a team of dedicated and experienced researchers we can turn round a shortlist of professional interim managers for a client within three working days who can typically be placed within two weeks. Completion rates are well over 90 per cent.

The many benefits of interim management

The professional interim management market is enjoying rapid growth, driven largely by a corresponding increase in business transformation programmes across all industry sectors.

Companies both large and small are increasingly turning to interim executives to help steer them through organisational change – with a particular drive for digital transformation and customer experience programmes.

These experienced business leaders can provide stability following the sudden departure of a senior director, or offer a highly specialised skill set which a business may not have in-house.

Their appointment is an effective way for companies to achieve business objectives and obtain highly specialised leadership skills at crucial times.

The extensive benefits of interim management include flexibility and speed of placement, compared to an executive search for a permanent position which can take many months from commission to arrival in post due to the complexity of global searches and the need to fulfil notice periods.

There are cost benefits too; many SMEs may not be in a position to fund a permanent executive position for a particular specialism such as a digital transformation director.

And without the on-costs of a permanent executive such as bonuses, holiday pay, NI contributions, pension, private health insurance and company car benefits, the day rate suddenly does not seem so prohibitive.

Free from the shackles of office politics, a professional interim can offer a fresh perspective, objectivity and challenge. As a freelance operator whose work is heavily reliant on referrals and reputation, the interim is highly motivated and results driven, and will be fully committed to their client.

Professional interim managers are often over-qualified for the interim position they are commissioned for, meaning they can work independently and hit the ground running, with instant results. Their wealth of experience, skills, contacts and knowledge will also be transferred to the in-house team, giving benefits which outlive their interim contract.

The return on investment of a professional interim manager for a business can therefore be substantial, particularly at a critical time.

To find out how we can help your business contact John Wakeford, MD of HW Interim, via his LinkedIn page, by emailing or calling him on +44 (0) 113 243 2004 for an informal discussion.

Young Workers ‘Aware of Pension Reality’

Young Workers ‘Aware of Pension Reality’
Young workers are pessimistic about their retirement prospects but are keen to make preparations to make the most of the situation, a report indicates. UK employees are among the most pessimistic in the world about their retirement finances, according to asset managers State Street.

Its survey suggested that fewer than one in 10 young workers felt financially prepared for retirement. A similar proportion thought they would be able to retire when they wanted to.

“People are interested in securing their financial future and are willing to make changes to their spending habits to make this happen,” said Nigel Aston of State Street Global Advisors in the report. “They are also realistic about their income expectations in retirement. We must use this positivity to make it as easy as possible for individuals to understand their options.”

The survey, of nearly 10,000 people globally, suggested that employees in the UK expected their retirement income to be half of their earnings in work. However, only 6% of young workers asked thought they would be able to afford the lifestyle they wanted in retirement.

This was a far more pessimistic result than their counterparts in the US, where 23% thought they would be in a financial position to live the life they wanted in retirement, as well as Germany (18%), Australia (15%), and Italy (10%).

State Street suggested that the pensions industry needed to do more to help people understand whether they were on track to meet their income expectations in retirement. This was particularly the case as pensions shift from guaranteed pay outs based on someone’s salary to invested pension pots.

The report comes shortly after a separate review suggested women faced a “glaring” gender pension gap owing to career breaks to raise children and lower pay.

Young women aged in their late 20s or early 30s faced an 11% smaller pension pot than men by the time they retired, Fidelity International said. It, too, said that the industry had failed to engage these workers, with the use of jargon a particular issue.

Content Marketing Ideas You Should Try Out

Content Marketing Ideas You Should Try Out
Content marketing is one of the most profitable ways to showcase your business to the web. By creating high-quality content, your website will gain more backlinks from other websites, thus boosting your rankings in Google search results. With pieces of content, you can build a bigger audience to your website through social media, also. The more traffic you can pull into your website, the more people will avail of your products or services.

Content Marketing for SEO

For a website only starting out in content marketing, it can be a daunting challenge to start producing content worthy of backlinks. In this article, we’ll check out four ideas for content marketing. If you like a certain type of article, you can start experimenting with that on your blog to see if it pulls in any traffic.

In this article, we’ll take a look at types of content which is popular on the web today.

1. List Based Article
One of the most popular news websites is Buzzfeed, which creates list based articles. Recent studies into online marketing have shown that customers tend to click on titles with a number at the beginning. Perhaps, having a number in the title consolidates the amount of information. It also gives a quick overview on the number of items the reader can scan through.

Examples of these titles include:

> 6 Reasons Your Swimming Pool Has Algae
> 5 Exciting Themes for Your Next Party/Occasion
> 7 Durable Apple iPhone Cases We Adore
> 4 Ways To Clear Viruses From Your PC

As you can see, these titles help make it easy for the reader to click on and this can boost your click-through rates on Google search results. Coming up with list based articles is easy, if you know a lot about your website’s niche. Just because your niche is in motoring or mechanics or window cleaning, it doesn’t mean you can’t create content on it. Broaden your scope and focus on the practicalities of your niche and key information consumers would like to know.

2. Infographic
Infographics are the latest trend and they can help you attract more traffic and backlinks to your website. An infographic does what it states in the title. It is a graphic which contains information. In a typical infographic, you can display statistics, facts, figures and images within the graphic.

Infographics have seen recent popularity in the last few years, especially with the rise of Pinterest and photo sharing sites.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create an infographic. In fact, you can create one through websites such as,, or All these tools are free and offer templates. All you have to do is insert your facts and statistics into the template, and you will have a ready-made infographic!

Once you’ve created your infographic, you can ask other websites in your niche to display it or link to the infographic on their website. That way, you are gaining backlinks to your website. If you still want to create a textual article out of the article, just post the text of the infographic to your blog, and you will have a text article, also. If your infographic’s title is catchy and promises useful information, your infographic could garner hundreds of shares on social media, and many backlinks. Some infographics have even gone viral, resulting in millions of viewers. While that is very rare, it is quite possible that your infographic could attract new customers from both Google search results and from social media.

3. A How-To Article
This type of web article focuses on showing the viewer how to do something, whether it’s about baking cookies, or cleaning dust from their car’s interior. The scope can be very broad or it can be very narrow, depending on your niche.

Before you create titles for your articles, put a list of keywords through the Google Keyword Planner. There are many guides online which show you how to do this, but I most recommend Backlinko’s Guide to finding profitable keywords with this tool. When you have found keywords with the planner that get more than 2000 searches per month, you can turn these keywords into titles. Some examples could include:

> How To Bake Cookies In 10 Minutes: A Quicker Method
> How To Clear Your PC of Adware In Thirty Minutes
> How To Track Your Ancestry Using Online Research

When you are writing the article, you can keep the steps brief and concise. This is one of the advantages of the “how-to” article; there is no need to write long, winding passages. As long as you clearly state the steps in a concise way and the steps will help the reader, you have created a valuable asset for the online world.

Your article will start ranking alongside other guides, but if there is little competition, it might start ranking immediately.

Those who use content marketing as part of their business strategy will start seeing results in a few months. The effects of writing content may take a while to see, but once traffic starts to increase, you can expect that traffic to keep streaming in throughout the months.

Utilising Social Media Marketing

Embracing Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can generally be likened to positive word of mouth for your business. By actively taking part with your customers on Facebook or Twitter, you’re creating a ripple effect, since your customers may share your posts, and those posts will generate yet more likes and comments.

While social media marketing may not be considered a direct form of advertising, it definitely helps your brand’s image and keeps your customers continually engaged with what you offer.

In fact, on average, people spend about 4.6 hours per week on social media. This is the highest amount of hours spent on average for any online activity. Social media has become an integral part of our day to day lives, and by placing your business on these platforms, you’re continually pushing your business to the forefront of your current customer base and further. In fact, over half of US SMBs have said that social media plays an important role in generating business and sales.

As if that weren’t enough, many business owners have said that by taking part in social media marketing, their PageRank has increased as a result (45% of businesses said this), as this has helped drive inbound links to their site. So by embracing social media marketing, you are also helping your search engine results get a boost also.

The effects are shown in these statistics, but if you think about them, it makes sense, because so much of our lives is absorbed in the social media world. Much of your news is gotten on social media, also, and by placing your business out there on the virtual sphere, you’ll have more exposure as a result.

Social media can also keep your current customers. If they buy from your site and enjoy your product, they just might return again and if they become a fan of Facebook, they’ll be able to enter competitions, see announcements and buy from your site again.

Improve your Home with a New Central Heating System

Improve your Home with a New Central Heating System

Having a new central heating system installed is the perfect way to instantly make an improvement to your whole home and your family’s quality of life and at Arktek you may find that it is more affordable than you may first think. With a wide range of high quality combi boilers and a fully trained team of expert fitters they aim to offer a first rate service to every single customer.

Getting a new combi boiler installed in your home can offer a wide range of advantages as well as helping make your home a more comfortable place to spend time in. A new central heating system can also help you save money on your energy bills and is kinder to the environment, especially if you choose one of the excellent more energy efficient models on offer at Arktek. A modern combi boiler can also add value to your property so its a really worthwhile investment to make.

At Arktek they are real experts in central heating so their fully trained team will be able to give you all the advice that you need to make sure you choose the combi boiler most suited to your property and they can also fit your boiler with the minimum of disruption to the rest of your household. As fully qualified gas engineers they will be able to make sure that all work is done to the highest standards and meet all safety regulations so you can be certain of total peace of mind.

So if you want to make a real improvement to your home that is a real investment in your property why not get in touch with Arktek to find out more about their range of boilers and the services they have available? With all boilers being provided from top manufacturers and coming with a full warranty along with a fully professional fitting service you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the benefits of a properly fitted new combi boiler and take advantage of reliable heating and hot water along with lower bills and would like a little more information take a looks at the gas replacement boiler services on offer from Arktek Heating, with competitive rates and some of the latest models of gas boilers available at great value prices you may be surprised how affordable getting a new combi boiler can be without having to compromise on quality.

For further information about the range of replacement gas boilers available from Arktek Heating Services, please call 0191 516 6911 or visit our heating & plumbing services website. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Looking at National SEO for Your Business

Looking at National SEO for Your Business
The goal of National SEO is to target and rank well for keyword phrases that have a “national intent” (non-geographic).  The consumer may be searching for a product or service that they are willing to buy outside city.  In other words, the location of your business is likely irrelevant to them.

These keyword phrases can be more competitive and business owners often struggle to rank well here, without professional SEO consulting services.   Examples may include “European Haulage”, “Investment Banker” or “iPhone case”.

We work closely with your company to understand your business goals and what you consider to be a win.  We Perform a keyword analysis to determine which keyword phrases make the most sense for your business and which ones are being typed into Google most often.  Typically would target the competitive 2 and 3 word phrases, but we will also target what we call longtail phrases, 4 and 5 word keyword phrases.   We have found this to be the most effective approach to a successful National SEO campaign.

National campaigns can be much more competitive, obviously there are typically a lot more websites to compete against, which means ranking may take a bit longer, especially for newer websites.

The good news is that the traffic counts for national phrases can be much higher.  With good rankings, your website can get huge traffic.

We offer a comprehensive range of Internet Marketing and SEO services to our clients, and aim to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings and keeping them there. How can we do that? By using a combination of SEO submissions, link building, social media, directory work and many other ‘white hat’ processes. In short, our expertise and commitment will help keep you website at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing!

As leading UK Internet Marketing and SEO consultants, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and expertise. All our clients are unique and each receives customised strategy that utilises today’s best practices for your business. Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website working harder for your business.

Thinking of Hiring a Car or Minibus this Summer

Thinking of Hiring a Car or Minibus this Summer

If you would like to see more of the North East this summer or would like to plan some special trips to enjoy with a group of friends or family hiring a car or minibus could be the perfect way to avoid any transport problems. By simply hiring the vehicle of your choice from Metro Rental you could find that you are enjoying everything that Newcastle and the rest of the North East has to offer without the planning and time required when using public transport and with some excellent value packages available you may actually find that you can save money as well.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a weekend with friends as a group, want to go sightseeing for the week with the family or simply need some transport for a fun night out at Metro Rental they offer a flexible service for all vehicles so you can be certain that they will be able to offer you a package that is totally suited to your plans and the size of your party, and if you are travelling for business reasons they will be more than happy to find you a vehicle that is perfectly suited to your need as well.

At Metro Rental they aim to offer every customer a top quality service every time so they offer a range of car hire and mini bus hire options that are designed to offer the best possible value depending on how long you require the vehicle, and with regular special offers and options available such as flexi hire and long term hire on offer as well no matter how many types of vehicle you may need or the amount of time you may need them for at Metro Rental they will do everything they can to fit around your requirements for the best possible price.

As safety is their main priority at Metro Rental they make sure that every car, minibus or van that they hire is fully cleaned, safety and maintenance checked before it is allowed to leave their premises so any vehicle that you hire will be fully roadworthy and comfortable, with insurance for two drivers and roadside assistance coming as standard with every car or minibus hire if you do run into any problems you can be certain that you will be fully covered and receive and recovery help that you may require and with the added benefit of Hireguard Ltd cover as well you can have total peace of mind.

With an easily accessible office based near Newcastle Airport and Newcastle Upon Tyne city centre whether you are a local customer or are just visiting the area you won’t have any problems finding them, and with a straightforward and quick booking process at Metro Rental arranging your minibus or car hire should be just as simple as long as you have all the required documents and your card to hand. If you do find you have any questions or need any advice at all one of their friendly team will be happy to talk you through the process and available options and give you any further information that you may require.

So if you want to get out and about to see a bit more of Newcastle and the North East this summer why not take a look at some of the excellent packages for minibus hire and car hire available at Metro Rental? You might be surprised how straight forward and affordable it can be!

Contact Metro Rental
As specialists within car hire Newcastle and the North East, they have a proven track record of providing a first class service to their customers and have the experience and knowledge required to make sure that they only hire cars of the best possible standard every time.

For more information hiring a car in Newcastle or for touring Northumberland call (0191) 460 33 44 and speak to one of our friendly staff or visit the Metro Vehicle Rental website today. You won’t find a better car hire company anywhere in the North East.

Looking at Ranking Factors for SEO

Looking at Ranking Factors for SEO

Google uses a variety of factors in its algorithm to determine what results will be the most helpful for the user. The Google algorithm is smart; it is constantly changing, improving and adapting to give users the best experience and to prevent black hat SEO tactics from manipulating search results. Part of the mystery of Google’s search algorithm is that it takes a number of ranking signals into account before displaying results.

Some of the major issues that are thought to impact on search engine ranking factors with Google include:

•Secured sites (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
•Websites that are mobile-friendly
•Page speed
•Schema mark-up
•Webpage content quality
•Webpage content length
•Social signals
•Quality backlinks
•Optimised images
•Domain age

A word on Quality Content (again).
We’re sure you’ve heard this one before, but we believe content is still really important for SEO this year. Why? because the ‘user experience’ is known to high up in Google’s plan and creating quality content that is easy for the user to find and understand is key. There’s a lot that goes in to creating quality content, but the basic idea is that Google will recognise and reward content that helps users find the information they were looking for.

Quality content means not falling for the most common SEO mistakes, such as keyword stuffing, scraping content, or writing thin content that has little or no value to users. Google’s overall priority is user experience, so if your content doesn’t deliver on this, it won’t rank well.

The official tweaks that Google will make to their ranking algorithm may be a mystery, but if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the ever changing Google ranking factors and still aren’t sure where to focus your SEO efforts on in 2018, Direct Submit can help. Direct Submit prides itself on the underlying process by which we approach each and every SEO project we are involved with.

We understand that each client will have specific, individual needs and our approach in creating and implementing the correct SEO strategy is vital to the success of the SEO project. This approach and attention to detail is what has helped Direct Submit become a leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company. Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website working harder for your business.

Get Better At Marketing Your Company

Get Better At Marketing Your Company
Marketing your company can be a tough battle. After all, if not done effectively, your marketing could have a significant impact on your ROI. And if you’ve been considering how you can get better at promoting your firm, then I’ve provided a few helpful examples to check out below:

Make Sure Your Branding Is Solid
If you’re going to be trying to expand your audience, then one of the first steps you’re going to want to take is making sure that your branding is in the right place. Not only is your brand the visual representation of your company, but the ethos and mission of it as well. As noted by LucidPress, 64 percent of consumers cite shared values as a reason they do business with a brand, showing how vital of a role it plays in the customer experience, as well as eventually profits.

Regardless of the current investment you’ve put into branding, have a consultant or someone with design experience take a look at your branding. The main objective here is to get them to give an objective view as if it’s their very first time seeing it. Try to pull questions if you can that draw towards this, giving you insights on if you need to improve or not. Even if it’s found out that it might be wise to invest in a brand that’s a little bit more on the mark for what you’re after, put forth the investment into what it cost, as you’ll be thanking yourself in the long-term for doing so.

Stay Consistent With Your Efforts
Another important aspect of improving your marketing is getting and staying consistent with your overall efforts. No matter if it’s inbound or outbound lead generation, the general idea is that you don’t become discouraged for not seeing the results that you’re immediately after. Marketing takes time; it’s a process of learning and growing as much as it is trying to stay relevant.

The overarching mission here is to make a routine that helps you constantly be ringing out for new conversations to strike up. While this might feel awkward at first, it’s somewhat expected out of a company, because as noted by Zimmer Communications, consistent presentation of a brand can increase revenue by 23 percent. And although it might take some to hit numbers like that, as long as you keep up with it on a day-to-day basis, you’ll be in a much better position long-term to strive.

Try Out New Inbound Sources
A commonly underrated aspect of marketing for your company, certain inbound strategies can have great ROI without breaking the bank. With a knack for effectiveness, your inbound traffic can be much easier to establish than you might imagine, especially if you study up on some digital strategies. Although it might take a little bit of extra work, becoming solid with your inbound can be a great habit to pick up.

A goal with inbound is to look at it from the perspective of what action can be done. For example, as noted by Junto Digital, with 93 percent of online experiences beginning with search, finding the perfect keyword for people to search and click on your link could be well-worth the effort in seeking that out. The less work and steps required for an inbound lead to convert the better, giving you the greatest chance of success in closing deals.

Take Notes From Some Of The Industry’s Best
Finally, if you’re always looking to get better and better at marketing, taking a page out from the book of those who know the industry best is going to be a top-tier resource. Believe it or not, those that have become successful entrepreneurs generally like to share their insights as marketing (in fact, according to Hubspot 53 percent of marketers say content creation is their top priority, much of which is thought leadership). And while there might be some people you keep an eye on, it’s always smart to expand.

Make a list of the thought leaders to follow, highlighting what benefit each might teach you. For example, Peter Lowy ( is the head of several retail chains, so his social media and accounts are great to pay attention to if you’re looking to scale your business. Furthermore, find the thought leaders that you look up to as a mentor, giving you a well-rounded approach to things like customer relations. This is an opportunity for you to learn, so take advantage of it as a time to expand your horizons.

Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website
More and more people have accessed the internet from their mobile phone or tablet than from their desktop computer or notebook. Desktop traffic has slowly been decreasing for the past decade and mobile internet use has been continually growing. There’s no stopping the upward mobile trend. By 2019, mobile is predicted to account for 79% of all web traffic.

This could mean that only 20% of the time people spend on your website will be from a desktop computer. And if your site doesn’t work on a mobile device – studies show people will simply stop visiting it in favour of a site that provides a smoother mobile experience.

So what are some of the reasons you need a mobile friendly website?

To Fulfil Customers’ Demand and Expectations From Your Business. These days’ customers do not prefer much to sit in front of desktops or laptops. Instead, they love to access your website from their mobile devices on the go. So you need to understand customers demand and their expectations not only from your business but also from the website. In order to attain this, firstly, your website must be mobile friendly with suitable visibility and navigation easy to browse your website easily on mobile. Else, they will head some other place.

So how will you create a mobile-friendly site? Alert!! Don’t try to just modify your existing website to make it done mobile-friendly. Conventional websites don’t display well on mobile phones as they have smaller screens and many times can distort visuals on regular websites. Just trim your trim website to essentials like content with linking to secondary pages. Interface enlargement is also a good option for easy touchscreen navigation. However, don’t forget those customers who still use desktops and laptops as they still possess a sufficient amount of your customer base and new possibilities.

Transit from Standard Website to a Responsive One. Increasingly, customers going mobile for searching and shopping, therefore it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. The motive of mobile adapted websites can only be attained by shifting standard websites to responsive websites. Why? Because, they have the capability of optimizing a website by understanding the used devices like Laptop, PC, tablet, Smartphone, etc. And, it resizes itself according to the devices for an optimum view. Furthermore, it also makes you accommodate your both mobile and PC/laptop users alike, in this competitive world through a single medium.

To Exempt from Google Penalty, to Not have a Mobile Friendly Website. Yes, it’s true that Google may penalize your business in any form, owing to not have a mobile-friendly website. As we all know, Google works on a proper strategy, accordingly, it understands to surf the internet user don’t have need of a computer. As a result, the websites which are still following the same conventional trend, having content, images and navigation structures can easily be operable only on bigger screens of desktop and laptop. And, smartphone users have to suffer from bad display and distortion in visual issues many times. Now Google when it views a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, acknowledges that and less likely to show it in legitimate search results and around half of the displayed results are useless to the mobile users.

To Maintain the Pace Of Your Online Business. The mobile friendly websites are mandatory to thrive your business online these days. The websites optimized for mobile friendly viewing should have fast loading page, easy navigation, and a streamlined website with user-friendly content and products. The process helps to foster user experience and ultimately helps in generating leads for your business. Apart, from your customers, the process is also necessary to meet the Google guidelines for websites.