An About Face: How to Turn Around Your Small Business’s Reputation

An About Face: How to Turn Around Your Small Business’s Reputation

How to Turn Around Your Small Business’s Reputation
A small business startup typically has a limited budget to work with, leaving little for marketing or customer service. However, without adequate support in these key areas, the company’s reputation may or even fall flat.

Here are some affordable and convenient ways to boost your small business’s reputation to attract more interest and prospective customers.

Social Media
Everyone uses social media these days for information on where to shop for the best deals. Word gets around quickly from customers who either really like a new business and promote it to friends or have a bad experience that they likewise inform social media connections about.

A small business could benefit from hiring an SEO reputation management consultant to help strategise SEO marketing techniques. If negative customer reviews have been published online, an SEO expert can explain the company’s best response to neutralize or benefit from even bad press. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can be a small company’s best friends for marketing purposes.

Customer Service
Although product quality and pricing are very important to many consumers, many consider customer care to be just as important if not more so. A small company might have a better opportunity to offer the personal touch in customer relations by answering phone calls promptly and responding to customer concerns in a timely manner. Conducting a customer satisfaction survey enables feedback to be collected that will inform the company of what associates could be doing differently or better.

Community Involvement
Donate time, resources, and money to local organizations and projects to support community activities. Many people appreciate doing business with companies that get involved with area events and programs. Becoming a visible part of the community goes a long way toward building positive business relationships.

Become an Expert
Showcase your special business skills or expertise by being interviewed on a local radio or TV channel or by a web host. You could offer to teach a high school workshop or offer a presentation to a vocational school on an interesting aspect of your business, such as woodworking, designing, or another ability. Establishing yourself as a knowledgeable person who is willing to share insight with others can help to build admiration and respect among current and future customers.

With minimal effort and cost, you can do several things to turn your small business reputation in a positive direction. Consider steps like these to position your company as a valuable asset in the local community.

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