An Approved Asbestos Consultant

If you own a property, then there are specific regulations and rules you must abide by. One of these relates to asbestos. If you discover asbestos in any of your properties, then you’re legally obliged to make sure it’s taken care of correctly. As such, it’s crucial that you work with an approved asbestos consultant to ensure that everything is handled according to the law.

Some property owners believe that they can take care of things on their own. However, working with an approved asbestos consultant will present you with the following benefits:

Complete Compliance

The key benefit, and the main reason you need an asbestos consultant, is that they help you achieve total compliance. There are many rules relating to how asbestos is managed within buildings. You can’t simply get rid of it however you like, or ignore it.

Asbestos must be safely contained, sealed, and clearly labelled. If you don’t follow the correct rules, then it can create problems. You put the safety of others at risk, and you may even fail a health & safety inspection, leading to the temporary or permanent closure of your property.

To be absolutely sure that the right compliance is met, you should trust an asbestos consultancy to help you out.

Asbestos Training

Believe it or not, but you will also benefit from extensive asbestos awareness training when working with an approved consultant. It is the duty holder’s legal responsibility to manage asbestos in their property. As such, training can be provided to make you more aware of this substance and what to do when you encounter it.

If you tried to manage things by yourself – without any training – then you probably have no idea what to do. Not only will you be unaware of how to manage asbestos, but you don’t know how to detect it in the first place. With training, you become more competent and confident in this regard.

Extensive Surveys

If you own a non-domestic property that was built before the year 2000, then you need an asbestos survey. It’s unwise to carry one out by yourself as you won’t know what to look for, or what to do afterwards.

So, if you work with an asbestos consultant, you get the benefit of a comprehensive asbestos survey. Your property is checked from top to bottom, and all of the main problem areas are searched. If any asbestos is detected, then the type is noted, the location of it, how bad it is, and so on. You’ll then have a management plan drawn up to see what happens next.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that’s proven to lead to a range of medical conditions. As the property owner, you’re legally forced to keep people in your property safe from harm. Thus, you must manage asbestos and understand what to do if any is detected.

Working with an approved asbestos consultant is the best course of action as you’re guaranteed to comply with the current laws and regulations. Any asbestos will be detected, managed, and your property will be kept safe. 0