Cities ‘Should Generate Green Energy’, says Think Tank

Cities 'Should Generate Green Energy', says Think Tank

Cities ‘Should Generate Green Energy’, says Think Tank
Cities should invest in green energy production to compete with the main UK energy suppliers, a centre-left think tank has recommended.

UK cities and local authorities could reap the benefits of renewable energy subsidies, a report by IPPR suggested.

Regulators are currently probing whether the “big six” UK energy suppliers prevent effective competition in the UK energy market.

The report comes ahead of a CBI energy conference on Thursday.

“Around the world, cities are spearheading the transformation that must occur in the energy sector,” said IPPR director Nick Pearce.

In the UK, Bristol has plans to install one gigawatt of solar electricity panels by 2020, while Aberdeen wants to run buses on hydrogen produced by using spare energy from wind farms, the report said.

Renewable energy subsidies from low carbon production could be reinvested in energy efficiency schemes such as insulation, IPPR added.