Clothing Alterations & Repairs in Newcastle

Clothing Alterations & Repairs in Newcastle

Clothing Alterations & Repairs in Newcastle.
Looking for clothing alterations and repairs in Newcastle is not always easy; it requires finding a person with the right finesse and experience and also the delicacy to guarantee that the top that’s not fitting quite right or needs sprucing up is done to your specifications. We work hard to offer a high-quality repair and alteration services for whatever clothes you need. We know that while clothing is expensive, finding a seamstress to complete the job you want can be even more expensive. However, we are fully qualified, give you the advice you need, and offer that personal down-to-earth service that means you will get exactly what you want.

Whatever fashion dilemma you have, from a broken trouser zip to altering a dress before you step out on Friday night, or even if you just need to alter your curtains, we can make everything fit just right. When we provide a service, it’s not just about making sure that we do the job you ask of us but we give you a service that is guaranteed to make you smile. After all, if your perfect dress has suffered under the plate of a hot iron, or that dress you love from 5 years ago just doesn’t fit no matter how hard you try, there’s something very upsetting about not being able to wear that thing you love anymore. But this is where we come in.

Clothing Alterations & Repairs in Newcastle

Clothing Alterations & Repairs
After all, finding the right item of clothing is difficult. You want it to suit your style and feel just right. And if it doesn’t fit you anymore, we can make the necessary alterations and fix up the item so you can walk out of our showroom with your head held high and a piece of clothing to match!

Whether it’s elbow patches on a tweed blazer, shortening a shirt, fixing that perfect skirt or even having the kids’ school uniform altered, we can do it all. And for the brides among you that think your perfect dress has just become less than perfect, we can fix this up too. It is always heart-breaking to find that your perfect dress needs something altered on it. While the dress is ideal for you there is something not quite right. But we can help you tailor the dress and bring it in so you are looking perfect for the big day.

Our clothes are who we are, which is why it’s so upsetting when our favourite jacket gets a rip or we put on a pair of jeans only to find that we grew out of them some time ago. Most of us may find that we have to throw that coveted jacket in the bin or pass it on but if you love this item of clothing so much, why should you? This is where we come in and make all the alterations needed so you can feel like you again. Whether you are looking for a new zip for your jeans or hunting for new pocket holes or you need hems or seams repaired, we can do it all.

Clothing alterations and repairs in Newcastle and the North East is about the friendly service while still delivering the goods. If you are running out of time and your perfect dress needs altering right away for that fabulous dinner party or you are desperate to get your wedding dress for the big day, rest assured we can help.

We pride ourselves, not just on delivering the goods when it comes to fixing your prized item of clothing, but on our personalised service. We have a showroom where you can head into one of our changing or fitting rooms to make sure that it is perfect for you. There is nothing more frustrating than when you have an item of clothing fixed and it’s not quite right. Our highly qualified seamstresses are there for you to offer you advice and to make sure that it is suited to your contours.

With a second-to-none service that is highly personalised and will fix whatever problem you throw at us, this is why we are one of the best clothing alterations and repairs showrooms in Newcastle. Finding clothing alterations and repairs in Newcastle can mean we sometimes find people who will do the job and nothing more. But we pride ourselves on qualified seamstresses and a personalised service that will guarantee you get what you came for and leave our showroom happy, so glad you are able to fit into that old dress or jacket again and show off your old jacket like it’s brand new!

Our services as a clothing alterations and repairs company can be the perfect solution for your needs and requirements, whatever they may be. Whether it’s fixing school uniforms or altering bridal dresses before the big day, no job is too big or too small. If you’ve got any queries about our services, then you can always get in touch to get these answered. Call us today on 01661 820 700 or visit our Clothing Alterations & Repair services website. You won’t be disappointed.

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