Coronavirus Scams to Watch Out For

Coronavirus Scams to Watch Out For

Coronavirus Scams to Watch Out For
Scammers are exploiting the Coronavirus emergency in typically contemptible ways, having reportedly stolen in excess of £970,000 from UK victims in the past month or so.

Google said that in March there were over 316,000 phishing websites relating to the virus.

Five of the known scams you should be aware of:

>>> Text messages offering free Netflix for the during of the crisis.

>>> Emails supposedly from the World Health Organisation (WHO) offering a PDF containing advice on how to stay safe.

>>> Text messages claiming that you have been caught leaving your home and telling you that you must pay a fine.

>>> Fraudsters posing as healthcare workers going door to door selling bogus home testing kits – which do not work!

>>> Text messages asking you to enter your postcode to apply for a Covid-19 relief payment form the Government.

There are many others and the number seems to be increasing.

We would suggest you limit your searches for news and guidance on the pandemic to the official UK Government website.

As ever, be aware as there seems to be no depths these people will go to.

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