Ever Wondered What Happens at Your Local Scrapyard?

What Happens at Your Local Scrapyard?

Ever Wondered What Happens at Your Local Scrapyard?
The scrap metal industry is really good for the UK economy. Employing over 8000 people, it is estimated to be worth nearly £60m. Most towns and cities will have driven past a local scrap yard and seen old vehicles piled high or piles of other scrap metal materials. But what goes on behind the gates of our scrap yards?

Every year an estimated one million cars are scrapped in the UK. Some of these vehicles have been stripped before they arrive, but all will have to go through a process to remove any hazardous materials.

What Happens at Your Local Scrapyard?

Reusable parts will also be removed and will often be sold on. You may find your local scrap yard allows the public to come and buy some of these items.

Old batteries will be removed and tyres will be sent to a specialist tyre recycle centre. Next, the airbag system will be taken out. All fluids need to be removed and disposed of responsibly, this includes the oil, coolant, and the oil filter too. This process is called depolluted and the car cannot be crushed until all elements that are hazardous have been removed.

Once this has happened the car can be crushed. Different components such as the metal, plastic and fabrics are separated and will be recycled in different ways. Cars can be flattened or crushed into cubes, this makes them easier to transport.

As well as cars, you can bring most metals to your local scrap yard including copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, and bronze. Non-ferrous metals are the most valuable as they can be recycled.

Household and commercial metal also go through a process before recycling. Different materials such as aluminium, steel and iron need to be separated before heading off to be melted down and reworked into other products.

Once these metals have left the scrapyard there is a large number of places they could end up. Back on the supermarket shelf as a tin of tomato soup or used as part of an aeroplane!

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