How Much Will a Thermal Imaging Survey Cost?

How Much Will a Thermal Imaging Survey Cost?

How Much Will a Thermal Imaging Survey Cost?
This is one of the most popular questions that our customers ask us. You may want to have an infrared survey carried out for a variety reasons. Your objective may be to discover air leakage paths in your building envelope and/or diagnose energy efficiencies or to detect and inspect potential property defects. Whatever the reason, you want to know that you are getting value for money whilst receiving a top-quality service and that is where APT Sound Testing comes in. Our ongoing aim is to make sure you receive the best standards throughout your thermal inspection service.

Let’s look at the pricing for our thermal imaging surveys and what is involved.

Our pricing is based on two main elements:

1. The required time on your site conducting the thermal imaging survey
The first element of a thermal imaging survey cost is the time it will take to safely undertake your thermal imaging survey. As survey days are focused on time, multiple buildings can be surveyed very cost-effectively if the time allows. The price you pay is for the day spent surveying rather than the number of buildings. Therefore, this allows to survey as many buildings as you require within the time frame at no extra cost to you; however, there may extra costs to produce the extra survey reports.

2. Image analysis to collate the deliver the thermal report to the correct standard
The second element of a thermal imaging survey cost is the overall image analysis. Once your building has been surveyed, the next stage is to analyse and quantify your thermal images and produce an accurate thermal survey report. Analysis time is charged at a daily rate and typically takes twice as long as the thermal imaging survey time. In our experience, one full day on-site usually equates to at least two full analysis days although this does vary depending on the deliverable.

APT Sound Testing provides a varied range of thermal imaging surveys and reporting to suit applications and customer requirements. Regardless of which application, each thermal inspection is carried out in accordance with our method statements and risk assessments at the same time complying with local working procedures. All our thermographers are fully trained to a minimum of PCN Level 1 (ISO 18436) and use top of the range calibrated thermal imaging cameras.

Each thermal imaging report is reviewed and approved by our experienced and certified PCN Level 2 thermographer to ensure the quality of the analysis and recommendations together with complying with the requirements of insurance companies and BREEAM Assessors.

When it comes to our thermal imaging pricing, we try to ensure clarity for our customers and we always encourage clients to ask as many questions as possible, as this will always help them on present and future projects. It is APT Sound Testing ongoing aim to ensure we always provide reputable and reliable service for our customers whilst also providing impartiality and expertise throughout the project.

Building Regulations Part L and this link both offer lots of useful information in regards to Thermography Surveys.

If you would like more information in regards to our Thermal Imaging Surveys, please contact us at: or call Darren Direct on 07775623464.

Alternately, if you would like more information on how to prepare for your BREEAM Thermal Imaging Survey, please visit our website at or Thermal Imaging Inspection Checklist and you can also reference our blog at: or our Thermal Imaging Knowledge Base Page which offers handy tips on how to prepare for your Thermal Imaging Survey.

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