Live Happier & Healthier Lives with Physical Therapy

Live Happier & Healthier Lives with Physical Therapy

Live Happier & Healthier Lives with Physical Therapy
For lots of our clients, the main aim is to try and live a happier and healthier lifestyle as they get older. And, we keep on telling them that the key is to attend regular physical therapy classes. Regardless of age or gender, physical therapy helps everyone and doesn’t discriminate. So, you can quickly and easily benefit from the advantages of PT if you’re dedicated.

Of course, the question is, ‘what are they and how do they help?’ And, it’s an excellent question to ask because understanding the dynamics of PT will encourage you to give it a try. So, without further ado, here are the undeniable reasons physical therapy helps our customers live happier and healthier lives.

If these don’t convince you, then nothing will!

Pain Relief
The main feature of PT is that it reduces and even eliminates pain in some instances. Pain relief is doable when the therapeutic and manual techniques that an expert uses restore muscle and joint function. There are lots of examples, including tissue mobilization or treatments such as ultrasound, taping, or electrical stimulation. There is better news. Aside from reducing the pain, these methods can also prevent aches from returning in the future.

At Movement Solutions, our pain relief techniques mean that we can negate discomfort in areas including the jaw, your neck & shoulder, back, hip & knees, and your feet and ankles. So, if you’re struggling with any of the body parts listed, you can trust us to overcome injuries, and increase the chances of them not returning.

Injury Prevention
However, sometimes there is no need for pain relief when you lead a healthy lifestyle. This is because using physical therapy as a preventative measure works. Firstly, it increases blood flow to the muscles and joints, making them less likely to buckle under undue strain. Also, it improves mobility so that you can walk, jog, or run much more comfortably.

The pertinent point to keep in mind that lots of people forget is that therapists are specialist. The team at Movement Solutions works hard to maintain their knowledge base and stay relevant. Therefore, when you see one of our employees, you know that they will spot potential problems before they spiral out of control. Think of it like going to a dentist or doctor for a checkup. As you get older, you need to do it more often, and PT classes are no different.

Management Of Age-related Ailments
Some issues occur more often when you reach middle age. You can take this as a sign that you’re getting old and fall into a depression, or you can fight back with PT. After all, physical therapy is an excellent way to keep Father Time and Mother Nature at bay for a while longer.

Whether you suffer from heart or lung disease or have developed develop arthritis or osteoporosis, they won’t go away on their own. If anything, age-related ailments only get worse with time. Thankfully, therapy reduces pain and prevents injuries, as you already know, but it also deals with awareness too. People are naive or scared to face the truth, yet PT doesn’t give you that option. Anybody who wants to live out their golden years in peace has to lead a healthy lifestyle, and therapy hands you the tools by dropping knowledge bombs.

Balance Improvement
Your balance always seems as if it’s something that is natural and can’t be taken away. However, changes to your vestibular system cause vestibular functioning to go awry over time. When this happens, it’s not uncommon to suffer from more frequent falls, as well as vertigo and dizziness.

Don’t fret, though, because physical therapy can help you to make the necessary adjustments. Our therapists provide patients with specially designed, tailor-made exercises that push you to the limits of your balance. Plus, they’re designed with real-life scenarios in mind and are transferable. This allows you to practice on your coordination for safer movement, whether it’s running, walking or standing still. Although balance is a trait that you won’t consider, it is a feature that you should factor in as you get older.

Movement Solutions: Your Next Steps
Now that you know how we can help you through our physical therapy classes, you will want to learn more about the next steps. The great news is that we make consultations incredibly easy. Thanks to our free discovery visit and free phone consultation options, there’s no reason to spend a penny before you’ve spoken to a trained advisor.

If you would like to inquire about the costs, you can send in a short form via our website.

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