Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms.
Most educational institutions have sufficient space to accommodate all their students. However, sometimes, extra capacity becomes a necessity, especially during events, school trips or renovations.

That’s where modular portable and temporary classrooms can come in handy. These fully compliant units simply slot into available space in your grounds, providing additional room for students to assemble and learn.

Fully Operational

Modular portable and temporary classrooms are fully functional. They provide the same level of utility as regular classrooms, but without the need to construct costly extensions or improvements to permanent buildings. The units offer electrical power, lighting and, sometimes, running water. Furthermore, educational institutions can customise them to their pedagogic needs. Modular classrooms can serve equally well as music and drama rooms as they can standard workspaces for traditional academic subjects. They are compatible with a wide variety of extras, including vision panels, furniture, security systems and interactive whiteboards.

Compliant With Building Standards

Modular portable and temporary classrooms also meet and exceed the guideline standards for classrooms set by the Department for Education. Classrooms come with large, openable windows, double glazing, insulation and other features that help to reduce energy consumption. They are made of materials to keep students safe. And they meet the requirements of various building regulations, including Part M, Equality Act and SENDA.

Quick To Install

Building a brand new set of classrooms from scratch would require months of disruption and building work. But with modular classrooms, adding to capacity only takes a few days, sometimes less.

Modular classroom installation begins by preparing the surface on which the classrooms will sit. Ideally, it should be a flat and level: usually a playground or carpark. Then heavy vehicles deliver each of the required units in sequence. The last step is to remove any exterior protective wrapping from the units to reveal their facade.

Modular units are handy because educational institutions can add them together to create larger and larger spaces. Installers simply place them side by side in an arrangement that provides greater interior volume.


Modular portable and temporary classrooms are also highly scalable. Suppose, for instance, that a school needs to host a large number of students, perhaps because of renovations or an exchange visit.

Relying on its permanent buildings to provide sufficient capacity is usually infeasible. But modular classrooms allow it to scale according to its needs. Adding extra capacity simply requires deploying an extra unit on its grounds.

Provide Plenty Of Natural Light

Modern temporary classrooms also provide plenty of natural light, thanks to their large windows. This means that in many cases, they provide a more pleasant atmosphere than traditional school buildings. This aspect of portable classrooms benefits children. Students exposed to natural light perform around 26 percent better compared to those working in rooms lit by artificial light.

Move From Site To Site

Lastly, the portable nature of modular classrooms makes them easy to move from one location to another. This way, educational institutions can adjust their layout as building work progresses.

Contact Acrol Modular
Acrol Modular Buildings boasts an experienced management team based at our office and production facilities in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. Our experienced management team will provide you with the highest standard of technical and personal service to help you satisfy all your accommodation and facility requirements quickly and efficiently.

With strategically placed locations throughout the UK, Acrol will deliver and install relocatable accommodation directly on your site no matter where you are. If you have a project we look forward to hearing about it and helping you deliver an end result that exceeds all expectations.

Over the years that Acrol Modular Buildings has been established it has built a reputation for its commitment to Quality, Value for Money, Technical Excellence and Long Term Customer Satisfaction. For more information on the range of Modular Portable & Temporary Classrooms we supply, please call Acrol today on 07769 295 599.

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