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Plantation Shutters - Perfect for Your Home

Plantation Shutters: The Perfect Window Treatment for Your Home.
So far, 2021 has been a year of bold colours and patterns in home interior designs. Brightly-painted walls and brightly-coloured furniture are the obvious combinations to look for in the ultra-modern home décor, but one should not forget the role that windows play in the overall scheme of things. Your literal windows to the world should integrate seamlessly, but it’s often difficult to know exactly how to make that happen. Surprisingly, the answer for many homeowners is plantation shutters, which add texture, depth and a classic, elegant look to any home décor, traditional or modern.

The Beautiful Shutter Company

Traditional interior designs, in which wood and natural colours figure prominently, are complemented perfectly by wooden plantation shutters with a matching wood stain, and well-constructed plantation shutters will also add an element of integrity in a world increasingly taken over by window treatments consisting of flimsy materials that are not made to last. Those with more modern tastes or love of bright colours needn’t worry that plantation shutters won’t work in their home.

Contrary to popular belief, plantation shutters can be purchased in bespoke colours that suit any home décor. If your home is painted bright yellow or candy apple red to bring the feeling of a Caribbean holiday into your home, all the more reason to complete the look with plantation shutters in pale turquoise or another colour. After all, plantation shutters were invented in hot climates where the heavy window dressing was intended to keep indoor living spaces from becoming too hot!

Fortunately for interior design enthusiasts of the 21st century, plantation shutters confer a variety of benefits. These include increased energy efficiency, privacy and, of course, attractiveness within the home and from the road. They are also considerably more pet-proof than flimsy plastic or nylon blinds. Not that your dog or cat will even try to destroy them, since shutters do not generally impede access to favourite sunny windows.

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