Reducing the Spread of COVID 19

Reducing the Spread of COVID 19

Reducing the Spread of COVID 19; Healthcare and Nursing Pods.
The Coronavirus Disease has disrupted the world economy, bringing many activities to a standstill. Businesses are closing down while raising the rate of unemployment. Nevertheless, that is not the primary concern. The biggest challenge is the rate at which the virus is spreading.

The number of reported new cases of infections and Covid 19 deaths in every country globally is alarming. The rising number of new infection cases daily is causing congestion in the hospitals, especially the ICU, which is overwhelming the health workers. Every government is trying to implement methods to counter this challenge.

That effort has given rise to healthcare & nursing pods, commonly known as isolation pods, regarding Covid 19. A nursing pod is a small unit designed to fit only one person. The patient is protected from infection and also from infecting others.

Healthcare and Nursing Pods

How the Nursing Pod Works
The new and advanced technology aims at partitioning the existing hospital rooms and buildings to create spaces that can accommodate a single Covid 19 patient and large-scale ones for more patients. A healthcare provider can then attend to one patient at a time. The setup is more like an ICU. In addition, new nursing pods are made in the healthcare facility’s open spaces to receive incoming new Covid 19 cases.

The installation of these isolation pods in hospitals has ensured high hygiene and infection control standards. The standalone pods isolate Covid 19 positive patients from the surrounding environment, allowing medical procedures to continue efficiently and safely. The new advanced technology used to create the pods serve a vital role in managing Covid 19. Installing the pods is easy, and it would be best to install them in all healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Nursing Pods in Managing COVID 19
The introduction of the isolation pods in the healthcare sector comes with many benefits in fighting the Covid 19 pandemic.

Negative Pressure Single Occupancy
The most effective method of dealing with Covid 19 is through quarantine. The single-patient units are self-contained, meaning there is zero interaction with the outside environment, hence no transmission. Negative pressure means that the air pressure inside the pod is lower than the one outside the room.

If you open the door partially, the contaminated particles inside cannot move out to the uncontaminated air. Instead, the Covid- free filtered air flows into the room. The contaminated air escapes through exhaust systems that have filters to purify the air before being released outside the facility. The negative pressure nursing pods have many features that help manage the pandemic’s spread.

HEPA Filtration Integration and Ventilation
Most nursing pods have high-efficiency particulate air filters built in them. The HEPA mechanical filter can eliminate at least 99.9% of air contaminants, including airborne particles. These filters in the isolation pod mean that any Covid 19 viruses released into the air do not last, thus protecting the patient and the healthcare practitioner inside the room.

The pods are vented to the outside atmosphere to ensure constant fresh and clean airflow. However, it is good to clean the HEPA filters regularly to make them more effective.

Available in Various Sizes
The isolation pods come in many different sizes. The doctor decides how many patients go in a single space depending on the treatment requirements. The acute patients can use single-occupant units for intensive care, while recovering patients may fit in the large-scale unit if singles are not enough. Many healthcare facilities install different sizes to handle the rising Covid 19 cases.

UV Treatment of Exhaust Air From Internal Venting
Some of the pods have in-room air cleaners and upper-room UV germicidal irradiation to reduce airborne bacteria and viruses in the environment. The work of these features is to treat the exhaust air from the internal venting before expelling it to the environment. A healthcare facility can integrate these features as they are optional yet effective.

Easy Installation and Technical Support
Most healthcare facilities using this advanced technology are locally manufactured. The manufacturer offers technical support in installation, which is a simple process. It also means that you can get additional features not integrated with the original pod.

The units are fully wired, and all you need is to connect to a 120v socket. There are options for standalone units or bank row combinations; you choose the one that suits the hospital’s needs.

Ultimate Nursing Pods
The battle to eradicate Covid 19 is a challenge to the entire globe. Many scientists and medical experts are trying all means to find a solution. However, thanks to the Covid 19 nursing pods, the spread is controlled in most countries that embraced the technology.

Therefore to mitigate the effects of Covid 19, adopting proven and tested healthcare pods is essential to keep the spread at bay.

More Information on Healthcare & Isolation Pods
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