SAP Recruitment Specialists

bluewaveSELECT – SAP Recruitment Specialists.
At bluewaveSELECT we aim to have a positive impact on the world around us (and not just the SAP world!) This is why we work hard to ensure that we are accountable against the triple bottom line.

We consider the social and environmental impacts of our business; consciously choosing to work with suppliers who are aligned to our philosophy and always aiming for a neutral carbon footprint.

We take a hands-on approach to supporting the local community through our commitment of time to raise funds for charities. Members of the bluewave team are also given an additional day’s leave to spend volunteering with a charity of their choice.

SAP Recruitment Specialists

SAP Recruitment Specialists
SAP technologies, solutions and niche-skills are constantly evolving; so is our network. Our customers love the access we give them to SAP professionals with the highest-demand, niche skill sets that they don’t get from other more generalist suppliers. This is how we do it:

A Focused Talent Pool
Each bluewaveSELECT consultant specialises in a specific, niche area of SAP and continually builds their candidate network. This results in increased efficiency throughout the hiring process, while providing the opportunity to build lasting relationships with the best talent in specific areas of SAP. Unlike generalist recruitment businesses, we tap into SAP industry events and user groups, playing an active role in the SAP community, while growing our network.

A Clear Message
Having expertise in specific micro-niche areas of SAP allows us to communicate effectively with a targeted audience. Our consultants invest the time to ensure they maintain an up to date grasp of the latest SAP tools, solutions in specialist niches, and the consultants with skills to deliver them.

Our visibility in niche areas makes us the go-to place for the best SAP talent when they’re seeking opportunities. Put simply, it makes sense to work with a specialist, and SAP professionals know that’s what we are.

In-depth Knowledge
Our focus on niche areas within SAP gives us the benefit of a better perspective on the roles we’re recruiting for. The further we delve into specialist areas of SAP, the more we understand where the best people are spending time, when they’ll be available and what drives them; this enables us to get the best people in front of our clients more quickly.

Invaluable Contacts
Operating with a closed network of highly skilled niche SAP professionals enables us to fill roles more effectively and time-efficiently. Our clients receive shortlists of candidates that are tailored to meet their needs, so they never have to sift through CVs.

Our niche SAP expertise opens up opportunities to network outside of transactional recruitment, giving further opportunity to gain contacts. We attend events for SAP professionals in order to develop our own insight into the industry, while simultaneously widening our network of candidates.

For more information the latest SAP Jobs we have available contact us on 01423 559559 or visit the bluewaveSELECT – SAP Recruitment website.

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