SEO & Your Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business (GMB) is the most important online listing for any local business. It drives the local business search results on Google search, maps, Google Assistant (voice search) and more.

Claiming and optimising your Google My Business listing is critical for not only for getting new customers, but helping repeat customers do business with you again. However, Google My Business changes frequently and the best practices for a well-optimised listing are not always clear.

Your Google My Business Profile

Searching for the latest local SEO tips is a smart way to boost your traffic. Recent studies have proven that local search delivers a stronger ROI than other online marketing methods. A growing percentage of people turn to Google on their smartphones to look for local products, services, and companies. So it’s no wonder that local search plays such a vital role in the modern small business marketing plan.

Local search marketing is a sure way to reach potential customers at the very moment they’re looking for you. With local search driving more taps, clicks, and phone calls than any other marketing method, you can’t afford to neglect it.

Maximise your local reach by following these four local SEO tips

Get to Know Google My Business Profile
First, it’s important to understand what Google Business Profile (GBP) can accomplish for your company. Think of it as your yellow pages ad on the Internet, except that people will actually use Google to look for your business! Once you create your GBP account, your company information will be accessible to customers across Google’s platforms.

The list of platforms includes search, Google Maps, and Google Partner sites. Millions of local business searches are entered every single day as people look for places to do business. That’s also why #2 is so important.

Give Google Your Company Information
Complete as much of your GBP as possible, and keep it updated. Tell people whenever you change your business hours. Add your new website address to your profile. Be sure the business categories you choose accurately describe what you do. Keeping your Google Business Profile updated with regular Google Posts can also be beneficial to your visibility. Staying on top of all these little details will help people find you right when they need you.

Verify Your Business with Google
Select the Verify option. Verification proves to Google that you are opening an account for an actual company. All you have to do is click the Verify button. Google will mail a postcard to your business’s mailing address. Then go back to your Google account and enter the unique verification code found on the postcard. It’s that easy! Now each of your page links on Google will feature the little green Verified symbol.

Create Google Posts
Google Posts allow you to add an Event, an exciting product or service release, or an informative piece of information about your business or industry. Whatever the reason, Google Posts help your prospects understand more about your business on the platform that has millions of people searching for your services.

Get Google on the Go
Download the Google Business Profile app on your smartphone. This easy-to-use app makes managing your online content simple, no matter where you are. The mobile app allows you to respond to feedback instantly. You can also update your account and add fresh content and Google Posts right from your phone. No need to wait until you get back to your desk.

Local SEO that Works for You
Don’t have the resources to get your Google Business Profile account up and running? That’s okay, Direct Submit is here to help. We help small business owners like you jump-start their local search results every day. A quick check of your online marketing assets is all we need to give you the advice you need. Our proven methods deliver the results our clients expect.

If you are a business in the North East or the wider UK, our SEO services can help you gain exposure to your potential customers. As a leading Digital Marketing and SEO Agency, we have an expert team available to help your business today and help you get to the first page of Google.

We’ve helped loads of businesses across the North East and the UK improve their search ranking positions and we’d love to see if we can help you too.

Ready to get started with these and more of the best local SEO tips? Request a free SEO analysis from Direct Submit by calling 01207 283878 today.

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