Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers

Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers

Tork Washroom Wipes and Dispensers.
Offering a wide range of products, Tork ensures you can keep washrooms clean and hygienic, whilst also reducing maintenance costs. With options to suit high-traffic areas, workplaces and luxury bathrooms, our range of washroom wipes and dispensers provides everything you need.

Washroom Dispensers
Designed to offer seamless functionality, our range of washroom dispensers are perfect for handwash and soap, wipes, paper towels and even air fresheners. As well as providing an easy and effortless dispensing action, all of our products are optimised to deliver sustainable and low-cost maintenance options.

The Tork Twin Mid-Size Toilet Roll Dispenser, Tork Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser T1, and Tork Folded Tissue T3 are well-suited to high traffic areas, for example. Furthermore, each design is created to minimise excess usage.

The stub roll feature of the Tork Jumbo Toilet Rolls Dispenser T1 ensures the paper is always available, whilst optimal roll brake prevents paper from littering the floor. The slim capacity of the Tork Folded Tissue T3 means it can be used everywhere, while the one-at-a-time dispensing mechanism can reduce consumption by up to 30% when compared to conventional options.

When it comes to paper towel dispensers, the Tork range offers a suitable option for every washroom. To discover the range in more detail, simply visit Whether you’re looking for simplicity and ease of use or ultra-hygienic options, we have the perfect product to meet your needs.

The Tork Centrepull Paper Roll Towel Dispenser is user-friendly and minimises usage, whilst still giving users the freedom to take as much as they need. Alternatively, the Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser enhances washroom hygiene by enabling users to only touch the paper they will use. For an even more advanced solution, Tork Matic (Elevation) Hand Towel Roll Sensor Dispenser uses the latest technology to ensures users can access paper towels without touching the dispenser.

Combined with our reliable handwash dispensers, such as the Tork Dispenser Soap Liquid Dispenser, you’ll find it easy to choose the perfect selection of dispensers for your washrooms.
Washroom Wipes

To keep your dispensers working perfectly, you’ll want to ensure they’re stocked with great quality wipes. At Tork, we’re committed to providing a cost-effective selection of washroom wipes and consumables. Suitable for every environment, we offer a range of wipes to suit all types of dispensers.

The Tork Wiping Paper Plus combi rolls are a multi-purpose option that is ideal for hand drying and mopping up spills. Available in 2-ply, the blue version is approved for food contact, whilst the white is ideal for washrooms and other areas. Alternatively, Tork Matic® hand towel rolls work effortlessly with our dispensers and offer a QuickDry feature for easy handwashing.

In environments where running water may not be readily accessible, the Tork hand cleaning wet wipes provide a quick, professional and hygienic solution. Whether you’re looking for centre feed toilet rolls, interfold hand towels, or durable wiping paper, we’ve got the ultimate selection of washroom wipes.

Contact Tork Washroom Products
To find out more, get in touch with us today on 0191 4108668 or visit the Tork Products website. Our technical sales team, our sales support office, phone, fax or internet, assure you that your enquiry will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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