Want Better Results for Your Business?

Want Better Results for Your Business?

Do you think your business should be getting better results? Direct Submit is a full-service SEO and internet marketing agency that helps small businesses grow by generating customers, not just leads.

We’ll help you get ahead where it counts, online.

We offer a full suite of SEO consulting and advertising services designed to outperform your competition. There is no template for success. What we do is build you a program that works for your specific business so that you are ‘Better’ not just ‘Different’ than your competition.

Whether you need SEO in the North East area or beyond, a Google pay per click program managed, a mobile friendly website built or better social media marketing, we can help.
We work with both National and local Clients throughout the UK, but we are headquartered in Durham and Newcastle, in the North East.

Our approach helps companies make significant improvements to their website SEO in several key areas:

>>> Keyword Research
>>> Analysis of Competitors
>>> On-Page Optimisation
>>> Content Marketing
>>> Off-Page (Link Assessment) and Outreach

Plus much more…

Are you looking for a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialist to help maximise your search visibility? If you are offering a service online or selling goods, you’ll want to increase your visibility in search engines – that’s where SEO comes in!

Call Today on 01207 283878 for Your FREE SEO Estimate and find out how our we can help expand your business and bring you new customers.

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