Welcome to Dulais Dry Cleaning Services

Dulais Dry Cleaning Services

Welcome to Dulais Dry Cleaning Services.
When it comes to looking after your clothing, you want to do everything possible to make it last. Getting value for money is important, especially when these garments don’t come cheap.

Dry cleaning services are a great way to help give your clothes that high-quality clean and care. Whether it’s giving your formal attire a refresh or you’re struggling to remove stubborn stains and marks, our dry cleaning service can cater to every challenge.

A family-run business in dry cleaning
Founded by wedding dress cleaning expert Nav Dulai in 1998, our establishment is based in the heart of Darras Hall in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. We’re a family-run business so we understand that value and excellence in quality is essential. With a wealth of experience and years within the trade of dry cleaning, you’ll find no better services than the one here at Dulais.

We offer many dry cleaning and laundry services from basic dry-cleaning deals for items like trousers, tops and work attire to specialised services handling the more delicate items. Our speciality is in the more delicate garments like ball gowns and wedding dresses.

No challenge too big or too small
When you bring in your garments into our store, you get a first-class experience. With an exclusive client list that ranges from sporting celebrities to high-street department stores, there’s a certain standard expected. We are driven to providing only the best service possible, so no challenge is too big or too small for our team. We’ve seen it all and we’re renowned for our stain removal success rate.

Specialist Cleaning Services
For specialist services, we’ve got all the best staff to help cater to every individual problem or issue that you may be having. We also make sure that we deliver you the clothing or materials in a reasonable time frame so that you’re not waiting around for too long. We understand that sometimes, time is of the essence and it’s our aim to get everything in and out as quickly as possible. However, we never compromise on quality of service or the level of results we provide.

Providing a personal service
Customer service and care is something that we ensure every client receives. Whether you’re a first-time customer or regular, we aim to provide the same level of friendly, personal service every single time. Our reputation as such, has grown a lot on just recommendation and word of mouth.

As the industry for dry cleaning and laundry grows, there are new challenges to be faced as new intricate designs and fabrics are created. We’re constantly training ourselves to be better and to handle anything that’s thrown our way, with ease. It’s important for us that our craft is always continuously worked upon and we welcome new challenges.

We’ve come a long way and we’re proud of the services we provide to our customers every day. If you’re looking for a dry cleaning or laundry service that’s exceptional and a cut above the rest, then we welcome you to try Dulais.

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