Get Better At Marketing Your Company

Get Better At Marketing Your Company
Marketing your company can be a tough battle. After all, if not done effectively, your marketing could have a significant impact on your ROI. And if you’ve been considering how you can get better at promoting your firm, then I’ve provided a few helpful examples to check out below:

Make Sure Your Branding Is Solid
If you’re going to be trying to expand your audience, then one of the first steps you’re going to want to take is making sure that your branding is in the right place. Not only is your brand the visual representation of your company, but the ethos and mission of it as well. As noted by LucidPress, 64 percent of consumers cite shared values as a reason they do business with a brand, showing how vital of a role it plays in the customer experience, as well as eventually profits.

Regardless of the current investment you’ve put into branding, have a consultant or someone with design experience take a look at your branding. The main objective here is to get them to give an objective view as if it’s their very first time seeing it. Try to pull questions if you can that draw towards this, giving you insights on if you need to improve or not. Even if it’s found out that it might be wise to invest in a brand that’s a little bit more on the mark for what you’re after, put forth the investment into what it cost, as you’ll be thanking yourself in the long-term for doing so.

Stay Consistent With Your Efforts
Another important aspect of improving your marketing is getting and staying consistent with your overall efforts. No matter if it’s inbound or outbound lead generation, the general idea is that you don’t become discouraged for not seeing the results that you’re immediately after. Marketing takes time; it’s a process of learning and growing as much as it is trying to stay relevant.

The overarching mission here is to make a routine that helps you constantly be ringing out for new conversations to strike up. While this might feel awkward at first, it’s somewhat expected out of a company, because as noted by Zimmer Communications, consistent presentation of a brand can increase revenue by 23 percent. And although it might take some to hit numbers like that, as long as you keep up with it on a day-to-day basis, you’ll be in a much better position long-term to strive.

Try Out New Inbound Sources
A commonly underrated aspect of marketing for your company, certain inbound strategies can have great ROI without breaking the bank. With a knack for effectiveness, your inbound traffic can be much easier to establish than you might imagine, especially if you study up on some digital strategies. Although it might take a little bit of extra work, becoming solid with your inbound can be a great habit to pick up.

A goal with inbound is to look at it from the perspective of what action can be done. For example, as noted by Junto Digital, with 93 percent of online experiences beginning with search, finding the perfect keyword for people to search and click on your link could be well-worth the effort in seeking that out. The less work and steps required for an inbound lead to convert the better, giving you the greatest chance of success in closing deals.

Take Notes From Some Of The Industry’s Best
Finally, if you’re always looking to get better and better at marketing, taking a page out from the book of those who know the industry best is going to be a top-tier resource. Believe it or not, those that have become successful entrepreneurs generally like to share their insights as marketing (in fact, according to Hubspot 53 percent of marketers say content creation is their top priority, much of which is thought leadership). And while there might be some people you keep an eye on, it’s always smart to expand.

Make a list of the thought leaders to follow, highlighting what benefit each might teach you. For example, Peter Lowy ( is the head of several retail chains, so his social media and accounts are great to pay attention to if you’re looking to scale your business. Furthermore, find the thought leaders that you look up to as a mentor, giving you a well-rounded approach to things like customer relations. This is an opportunity for you to learn, so take advantage of it as a time to expand your horizons.

Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website
More and more people have accessed the internet from their mobile phone or tablet than from their desktop computer or notebook. Desktop traffic has slowly been decreasing for the past decade and mobile internet use has been continually growing. There’s no stopping the upward mobile trend. By 2019, mobile is predicted to account for 79% of all web traffic.

This could mean that only 20% of the time people spend on your website will be from a desktop computer. And if your site doesn’t work on a mobile device – studies show people will simply stop visiting it in favour of a site that provides a smoother mobile experience.

So what are some of the reasons you need a mobile friendly website?

To Fulfil Customers’ Demand and Expectations From Your Business. These days’ customers do not prefer much to sit in front of desktops or laptops. Instead, they love to access your website from their mobile devices on the go. So you need to understand customers demand and their expectations not only from your business but also from the website. In order to attain this, firstly, your website must be mobile friendly with suitable visibility and navigation easy to browse your website easily on mobile. Else, they will head some other place.

So how will you create a mobile-friendly site? Alert!! Don’t try to just modify your existing website to make it done mobile-friendly. Conventional websites don’t display well on mobile phones as they have smaller screens and many times can distort visuals on regular websites. Just trim your trim website to essentials like content with linking to secondary pages. Interface enlargement is also a good option for easy touchscreen navigation. However, don’t forget those customers who still use desktops and laptops as they still possess a sufficient amount of your customer base and new possibilities.

Transit from Standard Website to a Responsive One. Increasingly, customers going mobile for searching and shopping, therefore it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website. The motive of mobile adapted websites can only be attained by shifting standard websites to responsive websites. Why? Because, they have the capability of optimizing a website by understanding the used devices like Laptop, PC, tablet, Smartphone, etc. And, it resizes itself according to the devices for an optimum view. Furthermore, it also makes you accommodate your both mobile and PC/laptop users alike, in this competitive world through a single medium.

To Exempt from Google Penalty, to Not have a Mobile Friendly Website. Yes, it’s true that Google may penalize your business in any form, owing to not have a mobile-friendly website. As we all know, Google works on a proper strategy, accordingly, it understands to surf the internet user don’t have need of a computer. As a result, the websites which are still following the same conventional trend, having content, images and navigation structures can easily be operable only on bigger screens of desktop and laptop. And, smartphone users have to suffer from bad display and distortion in visual issues many times. Now Google when it views a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, acknowledges that and less likely to show it in legitimate search results and around half of the displayed results are useless to the mobile users.

To Maintain the Pace Of Your Online Business. The mobile friendly websites are mandatory to thrive your business online these days. The websites optimized for mobile friendly viewing should have fast loading page, easy navigation, and a streamlined website with user-friendly content and products. The process helps to foster user experience and ultimately helps in generating leads for your business. Apart, from your customers, the process is also necessary to meet the Google guidelines for websites.

Long Tail Keywords Can Be Important To Any SEO Campaign

Long Tail Keywords Can Be Important To Any SEO Campaign

Long tail keywords are more specific types of keywords, because they include more information than a normal keyword. For example, a broad keyword might be “tree surgeon”, but a long tail keyword would be “tree surgeon Durham.” This keyword is much more specific than the broad keyword.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why you should focus on long tail keywords. The reasons may surprise you.

1. Interested Customers

Long tail keywords might include specific queries or locations, thus showing that the customer has a more specialized interest in the niche. Let’s go back to our tree surgery example from above. The broad keyword “tree surgery” is very vague and searchers who are searching that might only want a definition or they might want to learn about tree surgery in general. Since it’s so broad, that keyword doesn’t show much interest in the customer wanting to avail of tree surgery services.

In comparison, let’s look at “tree surgeon Tonbridge, Kent.” This keyword pinpoints with precision accuracy the customer’s intent. From looking at this keyword, we know that the customer wants to hire a tree surgeon in Tonbridge, preferably. While this keyword may get very few searches per month, those searches are precise and accurate, and are much more profitable than broad keywords. If you have a business ranking for those keywords, that person will be more likely to buy your services.

2. Competition

Long tail keywords might get less searches each month, because they are so specific, but these are the keywords which are easier to rank for. It is virtually impossible for a small business to start ranking for very broad keywords such as “tree surgery” or “confectionery” or “candles”, because these keywords are already dominated by big name websites such as Wikipedia, Amazon, and eBay. These websites have bulletproof SEO embedded within their online marketing, and so, it is impossible to get past them for such a broad keyword.

However, if you narrow down your keyword by turning it into a long tail keyword, such as “candle shop Kent” or “confectionery for birthday parties Kent”, the competition will decrease hugely.

This is because less websites have the exact long tail keyword “confectionery for birthday parties” embedded within their text. They might serve confectionery across the globe, but don’t specialize for birthday party catering or for Kent. That’s where your business comes in.

How Do I Rank For Long Tail Keywords?

You don’t need to write blog posts for certain long tail keywords specifically, but you can use the Google Keyword Planner to find keywords which might be profitable for your business. Don’t let the amount of searches daze you, if they only get fifty searches a month. If you think about it, that’s fifty interested people each month looking for your business’s products or services. Even if you retain a few of them after the first purchase, that’s enough to really increase earnings.

You might be naturally ranking for certain long tail keywords without even knowing. If your website contains a lot of textual content such as paragraphs describing your services, location, and products, the Googlebot will automatically strat ranking you for certain keywords. You can build up your blog post numbers to start creating more textual content for the Googlebot to scan.

However, if you find that you’d like to rank for a certain long tail keyword, you can write a blog post specifically with that phrase embedded in the title and in the text.

Many businesses ignore long tail keywords, because they think that these keywords won’t attract much searchers. However, the entire opposite will happen. By ranking for specific keywords, your website will attract highly interested customers who are much more likely to purchase your products or services.

Direct Submit SEO Services
Direct Submit are an established Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing company. With over 95% of our business coming direct from client referral, we provide a cost effective and highly efficient service. We offer a client focussed service, and always speak to our clients in a language they understand, helping them understand the Internet and how a successful Internet Marketing Campaign can benefit their business.

Established over a decade ago and operating from the North East of the UK, Direct Submit have become one of the leading SEO and Internet Marketing providers in the North East and the UK. Our client retention rate is exceptional, currently over 80%, which shows our commitment to working with the client to make a project a success.

To speak to one of our Internet Marketing Consultants for advice on making your Web Marketing project a success, call us now on 0845 272 2350 or email us on We look forward to your call.

iVech vehicle rental management system

iVech vehicle rental management system
Imagine having a vehicle rental management system designed specifically for the vehicle hire business, a system that has been designed by software engineers who, before they even started planning the system, worked on the front desk of a vehicle hire business for 12 months. Imagine that they had a full insight into the operational needs and requirements of a vehicle hire business.

Well a North East UK company has developed such a software system. The iVech vehicle rental management system is designed to offer maximum security and control of the vehicle fleet, and integrates with the Hireguard* database to give optimum intelligence and automatic warning against high risk hirers.

The system has also been developed to integrate with Trak Global, so for vehicles fitted with Trak Global trackers, the car or van rental operator has direct information, on driver behaviour, speeding, hard braking, acceleration, impacts and of course location. If required, the system can also be set to provide active alerts if the hire vehicle enters certain areas, ports etc, or should leave the UK.

iVech car rental software has been designed to aid the management of your vehicle rental business and offer a simple and straight forward user interface. Designed to operate at all levels of your business, It provides fully variable access settings, for example administrator, manager, director etc and can link in to front end sites for on line bookings and emails.

The iVech vehicle rental management system is now available and will help your rental / hire business operate more efficiently and effectively. If you would like more information then please call us now on 0191 460 3263 or contact us via the The iVech vehicle rental management software website

Crackdown on High Interest Lending Announced by FCA

Crackdown on High Interest Lending Announced by FCA
“Rent-to-own” shops that sell appliances and furniture for small weekly payments but with a high interest rate face a price cap. However, the financial regulator will not rush to impose the same restrictions on bank overdrafts.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has spent nearly two years looking at the cost of high interest borrowing. It has now outlined a package of plans for rent-to-own, doorstep lending and catalogue shopping.

High-cost credit is used by three million people in the UK. Single-parents aged 18 to 34 are three times more likely to have a high-cost loan – such as a payday loan, doorstep loan or pawnbroking loan – than the national average.

“The proposals will benefit overdraft and high-cost credit users, rebalancing in the favour of the customer,” said FCA chief executive Andrew Bailey.

Campaigners had called for a cap on the interest and charges faced by those using high-cost credit, including overdrafts. They said that cap on the cost of payday loans, introduced in 2015, should be a template for the rest of the high-cost credit market.

About 400,000 people have outstanding debt with rent-to-own firms such as BrightHouse from which they buy household appliances, paying the money back over three years. After interest, they can end up paying many multiples of the cost price.

The FCA said it had seen cases when people had ended up paying more than £1,500 for essentials like an electric cooker that could be bought on the high street for less than £300.

“The FCA believes the harm identified in this market is sufficient in principle to consider a cap on rent-to-own prices. It will now carry out the detailed assessment of the impact that a cap could have on the rent-on-own sector and how it might be structured,” the regulator said.

Such a cap would not be in place before April 2019.

John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, said the measures would help the most vulnerable avoid being stung by “dodgy deals”. That includes people like Kenneth Murray, who says he had to buy a laptop from a rent-to-own firm business as he could not get credit from a high street electrical store.

“I had multiple debts that I was trying to juggle, and no stable source of income. I ended up taking out loans to pay loans,” he said, although he has now managed to halt this cycle.

Executive Search & Interim Management in the UK

Executive Search & Interim Management in the UK

Finding a new job within interim management within the UK can often prove really difficult, especially if you are trying to find something that really gives you the opportunity to make the most of your strengths and areas of expertise.  If you have recently been considering looking about to see what career opportunities are available you may want to consider finding a good recruitment agency that offers executive search services, they will often have a broad range of current and up to date vacancies on offer in management and interim management roles.

Recruitment agencies can have a reputation for only being able to provide temporary roles, offering more menial roles or only working within a specialist field such as teaching, but there are many agencies out there that are also able to offer executive search services to help fill roles both long and short term within management and interim management levels as well.  This has become a lot more popular over recent years as there is such a wide range of mediums available to advertise vacancies that many businesses were finding it difficult to find enough suitable candidates to fill their roles, likewise many job hunters have had the same problem when trying to find roles to apply for.

A successful agency offering executive search options will always aim to build successful and long lasting relationships with their clients so they will often be the first to hear of new and exciting opportunities that become available within their organisations so being signed up is a massive advantage, especially if you are working within a competitive industry.  They will also be able to give you any background knowledge that you may need about the company so you are well prepared for your initial meeting, they may also be able to pass a recommendation for you highlighting your skills which helps you make an excellent first impression.

As recruitment agencies aim to ensure that their clients are completely happy with the candidates they provide, a well-run agency will always aim to refer people that are really well suited to the role.  Their main aim is to get the most talented people working in roles that they really enjoy and do well, so you can be certain that any roles you are offered to undertake by a reputable agency will definitely be relevant to your skills and previous experience.  A larger agency will have links across the country and perhaps internationally so if you want to look a bit further afield to find something really perfect for you they will be able to help you with this as well.

Using the services of a recruitment agency offering executive search options has many advantages no matter what type of role you are looking for within interim management.  Whether you are newly qualified, returning to work after a break or currently employed as recruitment agencies get informed of many varied roles they will be able to help you find something part time, full time, temporary or permanent and as they will already have all your details within their files they will be able to forward all your information to prospective employers on your behalf helping you save time and effort during the application process.

So no matter what type of industry you work within if you feel it’s time to take a step up the ladder to just want a change why not pas your details to an agency offering executive recruitment services and see what interim management roles they are able to offer you?  Once you have completed the initial registration process you may find you are pleasantly surprised with some of the employment offers you receive! Whether you are looking for full time, part time, temporary or permanent work they could help you find a role that is suitable for you much more quickly and easily that you may first think!

Residential College for Young People with Disabilities

Residential College for Young People with Disabilities

At Hereward College they believe in providing young people with disabilities with the best possible opportunities to achieve their full potential as they progress into their adults lives and a more independent way of living.  Set up as a purpose built residential college that is designed to be as inclusive as possible to people with disabilities at Hereward they aim to give every resident a stay that is productive, challenging and rewarding while making sure they receive all the care and support they might need.

With a wide range of activities and classes on offer this residential college has all the facilities required to make sure that regardless of ability every student gets a chance to enjoy themselves and gain confidence during their stay. With the opportunity to make use of the extensive sports facilities, the onsite cafe and the excellent learning resource centre at Hereward they offer a varied curriculum to every student.  Each student will receive personal guidance throughout the duration of their course where they will be able to discuss their goals and ambitions, create their personal learning plans and discuss any barriers to learning they may be experiencing so they will be able to create a timetable that is supportive to their needs.

Each student is allocated their own en-suite room which will have any special adaptations required in place, they also have the option to cook in the accessible kitchen area and will have a laundry service provided as well. During their stay they will also get the chance to build on their life skills by learning more about budgeting, shopping, cooking and household chores.  There is also a dedicated therapy area and well qualified care staff so any routine physical care that is required can be provided on site so students won’t need to regularly take breaks from their courses due to medical appointments.

Hereward College is a college for young people with disabilities and additional needs based in Coventry. Since 1971 we have been offering inclusive provision and specialist facilities for both day and residential learners with complex disabilities and learning difficulties.

Our vision is to prepare our learners for the next stage of their lives, providing them with outstanding employability skills and greater control over their future. We have a focus on creating independent individuals who can make more of their own decisions about work, education, health and living.

We have extensive partnerships with employers and an expanding supported internship study programme. The internships build upon all the skills that the young people have developed in college and extend them even further in real work situations. We are extremely proud of the achievements of all our learners and our hugely committed and dedicated staff which support them.

So if you care for or work with young people with disabilities and would like to help them reach their full potential in a safe and supportive environment why not find out more about what Hereward Residential College has to offer? With a purpose build campus, a wide range of courses suited to many levels of ability and a committed team of expert, fully trained staff it is the ideal place for any young person with disabilities to really thrive and gain the skills they need to prepare them for adult life.  For more information on full time application or residential enquiries visit or email

Tree Surgery Services Newcastle & North East

Tree Surgery Services Newcastle & North East
If you have problem trees, bushes or shrubs outside your property you may want to consider contacting a professional tree surgery service to make sure that the job is done safely and properly without causing any damage to your property or others around it as it is easy to underestimate how much work and expertise is required if you want to move or conserve trees and other greenery.

Based in the North East, Stan Timmins and sons is a company offering expert Tree Surgery Services to many satisfied customers, with over 50 year’s experience working within the industry they have all the knowledge and expertise required to help you find the solution to any problem you may have.  The owner and manager Stan Timmins hold numerous industry qualifications in a broad range of horticulture and arboriculture subjects including diplomas both from Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and also the Royal Forestry Society.

Offering fully insured and registered tree surgery services to every customer and a guarantee that every job completed will be carried out to meet current best practices for Arboriculture work and to comply with the BS3998 (2010) regulations you can be certain that any work you need to have carried out will be done properly and as safely as possible.

With a wide range of service on offer including formative pruning, sectional dismantling of dead, dangerous and diseased trees, ivy Removal / severance, large tree removal and site clearance as well as many others you can be certain that no matter what problem you may have Stan Timmins and Sons will be able to help you find a workable solution.

With a straight forward pricing policy and excellent customer services you can be sure that at Stan Timmins and Sons they will be able to offer you excellent quality work for a reasonable price, and if you have any questions or queries at any stage of the process they will be happy to offer you all the information that you need.

So you are based in the North East and are looking for reliable and expert tree surgery service you may want to get in touch with Stan Timmins and Sons so you can be sure that the job is completed safely and to the highest possible standard.

When you’re about to embark on tree surgery, it can be a daunting experience to search for a qualified and registered tree surgeon. We believe at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons that we can provide you with the quickest and most accurate tree surgery, to suit whatever work you need done. We offer the advantages listed above and we have had many customers who have praised us and thanked us for our work. You can see these customers at our Testimonials page.

With a wide range of service on offer including formative pruning, sectional dismantling of dead, dangerous and diseased trees, ivy Removal / severance, large tree removal and site clearance as well as many others you can be certain that no matter what problem you may have Stan Timmins and Sons will be able to help you find a workable solution.

With a straight forward pricing policy and excellent customer services you can be sure that at Stan Timmins and Sons they will be able to offer you excellent quality work for a reasonable price, and if you have any questions or queries at any stage of the process they will be happy to offer you all the information that you need.

We believe at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons that we can provide you with the quickest and most accurate tree surgery, to suit whatever work you need done. We offer the advantages listed above and we have had many customers who have praised us and thanked us for our work. You can see these customers at our Testimonials page. For further information on the range of gardening and tress surgery services available please call 07966 207280 or visit the Stan Timmins Tress Surgery website today.

An Efficient Central Heating Boiler for your Home

An Efficient Central Heating Boiler for your Home

Now the winter months are finally coming to an end you may have been surprised how expensive your heating bills have been during the cold weather, this may be due to your gas central heating not being as efficient as it used to be and beginning to use more energy to keep your radiators warm. If this is the case you may want to consider replacing your existing system with a new central heating boiler to ensure that you can keep warm next winter without having to face excessive energy bills.

At Arktek Heating they offer an excellent range of the latest new central heating boilers from a carefully selected range of top manufacturers, many of these offering some of the latest and most modern energy safety features.  With a wide choice on offer and all new boilers coming complete with a full warranty you can be certain that you will be able to find a new central heating boiler that is completely suited to your property.

Not only do they offer high quality central heating boilers at Arktek they are also able to offer a professional and reliable fitting service so you can have you new gas central heating system up and running in no time at all. All fitters are fully qualified gas engineers who have all the skills and knowledge required to make sure that your new boiler is fitted according to all safety regulations and with the minimum of disruption to you and your family.

So if you would like to enjoy more efficient and economical heating for you and your family and would like to add a little value to your property, while enjoying lower energy bills why not consider investing in a new central heating boiler for your home?

At Arktek they aim to ensure that every customer is totally satisfied with any boiler they purchase so not only will they be happy to fully discuss all the available options with you before you make any decisions they will also carry out a pre-install survey at your home to ensure that everything will run smoothly when the installation day arrives. All new combi boilers come complete with a warranty and full service agreement so whatever boiler you may choose you will be able to take advantage of Arktek’s top rate after care service to help you make sure your boiler is kept in excellent working condition for longer.

With an excellent range of high quality combi boilers available from carefully selected manufacturers featuring some of the latest energy efficiency technology and other modern features no matter the size of your property you will be certain to find one that is perfect for your home. As Arktek aim to offer excellent value to all their customers they are happy to give you all the information you may require about the running costs and energy usage of the various boilers so you can be certain that you have chosen the most economical option for your home.

Contact Arktek Heating Services
For further information about the range of replacement gas boilers available from Arktek Heating Services, please call 0191 516 6911 or visit our heating & plumbing services website. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow

Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow & South Lanarkshire

If you have been planning on replacing your current car and are looking for something a little more sporty that is still suited to your needs, reliable and excellent value for money you may want to consider taking a look at some of the used cars they have on offer at Elmbank Car Sales. With an extensive range of top quality used sports cars at very competitive rates you may find that your search for a new car takes far less time then you first expected.

At experts in used sports car sales, Elmbank Car Sales know exactly what is required to make sure that every customer is left satisfied with the service they received.  With an aim to deliver excellent customer care every time they sell a used car they are happy to offer additional benefits with each car as standard including a full MOT, three month warranty and full service and HPI checks so you can be certain they have done everything they can to ensure that your car to safe and completely road legal.

With a focus on offering a wide range of top quality used sports cars at they are able to offer a wealth of information about any of the cars they have available.  Originally starting out as a hobby which later evolved into a thriving business at Elmbank the staff are true sports car enthusiasts!  Whether you are looking for advice regarding what features the cars have on offer, insurance information or something a bit more technical at Elmbank they are certain to be able to answer any questions that you may have.

At Elmbank they also offer the added advantage of being able to provide car finance plans as well as the option to part exchange your current car.  With fair prices offered for part exchange deals and some very competitive finance options available, at Elmbank Used Car Sales they will do everything they can to make getting your ideal car as affordable as possible and as each case is assessed on an individual basis they will make sure that any finance plan you enter into is completely suited to your personal budget.

Offering a wide choice of makes and models in used sports cars at Elmbank Used Car Sales they are constantly on the look out for new stock to add to their existing range, as experienced buyers within the industry they know exactly what to look for to make sure that every car they purchase is of good quality and has the potential to one day be somebody’s true pride and joy. No matter whether you want a more traditional model, something a bit showy or a car that is suitable for family life as well at Elmbank they will do everything they can to a find you a used car that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

So if want to trade your car in for something new or fancy treating yourself to a second, faster car why not take a look at what Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow & South Lanarkshire can do for you?  Simply take a look a their website at some of the excellent used cars they have on offer or call 07833 452613, then book an appointment with them to view any cars you may be interested in and you could be on the road in no time at all!