Adding a New Conservatory to your Home

Adding a New Conservatory to your Home
Desire for more space in the house can be the result of many factors and these factors are different for different families. Some just want an extra place to relax under the setting sun after a long day’s toil; others need a new room for the fast growing toddler; yet for some, adding a conservatory is just to boost the value of the house before the time of sale arrives. Whatever the reasons maybe, adding a conservatory to an existing house is quite smart and requires carefully planning; fixing new windows in the new space and other parts of the rooms also requires a lot of ingenuity and planning.


Adding a new double glazed conservatory with uPVC windows and doors to match can be a real delight to any home owner. Aside from adding value to the home, it also adds more security to your property; and best of all, the low maintenance costs of uPVC windows and doors makes them even more worth the investment.

Whatever the need to add a new double glazed conservatory, home owners must ensure that the aesthetics of the house is not lost in the process. In other words, the colour combination, and new materials must blend with the old one in such a way that the new addition can hardly be differentiated from the old.

Attaching a new family room or kitchen in the backyard is very often a wise thing to do. It makes good use of the space and provides more room for family members to enjoy around the house. On the other hand, adding new doors and windows with uPVC doors and windows to the front porch would bring to life the house in a different way, with several windows facing more than one corner. Enjoying the sunlight could never have been better, it is indeed a delightful summer spot right inside your own house.

While some prefer prefabricated double glazed conservatories, others would rather settle for unique custom-made designs that would suit their style and truly define them. This latter set of home owners get to choose almost every single element that the design would carry. From the height to the colour, to the shape and roof type – every single detail can be discussed with the professionals who would then put these together to make a great piece of home extension come to life.


Make sure that you only use a well-established company such as Hi Spec Double Glazing. With over 30-years experience in the building industry and 15 years experience in the uPVC manufacturing industry, you can be sure that this company will provide a high standard of workmanship. Companies such as Hi Spec double glazing manufacture and install the double glazed uPVC windows, doors, conservatory, porches, sunrooms and extensions etc and offer excellent references.

The new uPVC window material is indeed a technology of the future; uniquely fitted to windows of all sizes and shapes and in all corners of the house to further improve the beauty – and in extension, the value of the house. PVC is the latest material builders are truly attracted to. It is durable, beautiful to behold, and very cost-effective. The high acoustic and thermal features of these materials make them truly special as they help keep the cold out and the interior constantly warm. To save on heating energy bills, it is advisable to change to new double glazed uPVC doors and windows that would substantially reduce heat loss and also enhance the looks of the house.

Adding a new double glazed conservatory with uPVC doors and windows as well as replacing the other doors and windows with uPVC materials also saves money which would have gone into frequent painting; said otherwise, the low maintenance feature of these materials makes them truly delightful for home owners. Due to the low maintenance of uPVC doors and windows, the conservatory is also cheap. The cleaning and painting process would be eliminated while the beautiful colours of this material would bring the house to life.

It results an extra level of added security to your property. Living life to the fullest doesn’t have to be highly expensive; rather, finding a good company that can handle the techniques of adding a new double glazed conservatory with uPVC doors and windows to your house would help a great deal to use the space more efficiently, create more rooms for your family, and also increase the value and beauty of your house all in one single bargain.

A reputable double glazing company will not employ high pressure selling techniques and will give honest and unbiased advice as to what the customer might need. As with all reputable double glazing suppliers, Hi Spec double glazing offer friendly and professional and are always happy to help. Using a well-established, local based firm who, over the years, have generated a large portfolio of happy and satisfied customers will not only help ensure you receive and excellent service but will ensure that you will have double glazed doors, windows or a conservatory that will give you and your family many years comfort and security.

For further information on the range of double glazed conservatories, doors and windows available, call 0191 454 1070 or visit the Hi Spec Fabrications website today.

Updating your Bathroom and Shower with PT Ranson

Updating your Bathroom and Shower
If you have been considering updating your bathroom you may want to consider taking a look at the excellent variety of bathroom products available from P T Ranson, where you will find everything you need to completely revamp your bathroom. With products available from top manufacturers such as Imperial Showers, Fiora Showers and Hangrove Showers you can be sure that whatever you may decide to purchase it will be of the best possible quality and completely suited to your needs.


A modern and effective shower is the ideal addition to any bathroom, whether you are planning to install a totally new suite or to just update your existing one with a great range of showers on offer at P T Ranson you can be sure to find one that not only has all the features you require but also complements the overall style of your bathroom as well.

If you are looking for a more traditional style to your bathroom, but also want the advantages of modern technology take a look at the great range of Imperial Showers on offer, with a great range of complementing items such as baths, basins, toilets and other accessories all made using the highest quality materials this is the ideal range if you want to create a perfectly co-ordinated classic look.

If you want to create a modern and efficient space that is functional, economical to run and performs to the highest standards you may want to take a look at the showers available from Hansgrove, with a focus on creating showers that always deliver the highest possible results no matter what your requirements they are a great choice for anyone that enjoys unwinding in the shower.

If you want to make a real feature of your shower why not consider adding a totally separate cubicle or even creating a whole wet room? Fioira Showers have a great range of revolutionary Silex Shower trays available at P T Ranson in a wide variety of styles and colours giving you the opportunity to have a high performance and durable shower tray that is attractive and stylish as well.

So take a look at the excellent range of showers, shower trays and other accessories at P. T Ranson for some excellent ideas about how you could turn your bathroom into a relaxing and beautiful haven where you can relax and unwind in peace.

P T Ranson Bathrooms & Showers
So if you want to install a new shower in your bathroom why not get some inspiration from P T Ranson? Regardless of your tastes or the style you are hoping to achieve with such a wide range of top quality products you are sure to find the ideal shower for your bathroom. With so many unique and high performance products on offer from some top bathroom design companies you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed. Simply call 0191 469 6999 or visit the PT Bathroom and Showers designer bathroom website today.

Car and Van Hire in the North East

Car and Van Hire in the North East
Metro car and van hire are a North East based business, located close to Newcastle Airport, Newcastle upon Tyne City Centre, Gateshead and all of South Tyneside.


Metro Car & Van Rental
Established for over a decade, the company has thrived as it has always prided itself on offering a friendly and efficient service from private hire to all types of business hire and leasing.

Providing new cars, minibuses and wide range of vans all available for short and long term rental, all of the hire cars, minibuses and vans come with insurance for at least 2 people, breakdown cover and unlimited mileage options.

Although much of the business Metro attracts is local, they are also a well-known car rentals company for tourists looking to explore the North East, the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and Yorkshire.

The region has a great many attractions included Hadrians Wall, Durham Cathedral and Castle, the twin Anglo-Saxon monasteries at Wearmouth – Jarrow, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and Hexham Abbey to name but a few. For those who enjoy shopping there is of course, Europe’s largest shopping centre, the Metro Centre. And with Christmas approaching now is a great time to visit the hundreds of shops all under one roof.

No visit to the North east would be complete without a visit to Newcastle. United by seven bridges across a spectacular riverscape, Newcastle (a city on the north bank of the River Tyne) and Gateshead (a town on the south bank) form a single, diverse and extremely vibrant visitor destination. With so many different areas each offering new sights, sounds and experiences, you’ll be amazed at how much is on offer whatever your tastes. World-class culture, vibrant nightlife, award-winning dining, inspiring heritage, fantastic shopping and acclaimed architecture are linked here, as nowhere else, by the famous Geordie spirit.

So the next time you visit the region give Metro Rental a call and they can help you ‘access all areas’, whatever type of vehicle you may be after, they can provide it. For further information simply visit the Metro Rental website or call 0191 4603344 and the friendly staff will be happy to help.

Pay per Click & Selecting Great keywords

Pay per Click & Selecting Great keywords
As an Internet Marketing company, Direct Submit are asked by our clients to  manage their PPC project and also offer advice on selecting the most appropriate keywords for a Google AdWords campaign.


What is Pay per Click?
Pay per Click (PPC) is a form of online marketing by which you pay for every visitor to your website that click through the advert. Potential advantages of Pay per Click include:

(1) Pay per Click (PPC) search engine marketing allows advertisers to quickly promote their services on the respective search engine using cost per click basis.

(2) Pay per Click (PPC) ads appear at the top, right or bottom of organic search results shown by search engines. Only when someone ‘clicks’ on your advert do you incur a charge.

Selecting Keywords
The following should help provide the basis for any company or individual looking to set up or expand and Ad words campaign:

Keywords are the search terms (words or phrases) which trigger your ad, and they are critical to the success of your AdWords advertising. This email explains how you can choose the most effective keywords, assess your keyword performance and how this affects the amount you pay.

A Good Keyword will consist of:

•Ideally, 2-3 words long
•Specific (keywords that are too broad or general will not reach users as effectively as keywords that are highly targeted)
•Directly related to the text in your ad
•Directly related to the page your ad links to (specified by the destination URL)

What keywords should I choose?
First, look at your website content and write down every word, word combination or phrase that describes each category of your business. This is the starting point for creating your keyword lists.

Include all brand and product names as well as plurals, synonyms and alternate spellings for each word or phrase. Capitalisation does not matter. Take out keywords that are very generic, irrelevant, or obscure.

Then, group your keywords into close-knit themes and create a new ad group for each theme. Put your keywords into these new ad groups. For example, if your campaign is for digital cameras, you can group together mini digital cameras in one ad group and SLR digital cameras in another.

Try using negative keywords. Negative keywords prevent your ad from showing when a word or phrase you specify is part of a search term. If you specify the negative keyword -repair, for instance, your ad won’t show for search terms such as digital camera repair.

Pay Per Click Management Services
Direct Submit Pay Per Click Services A pay per click (ppc) campaign takes time and expertise to manage effectively. There are a number of issues to consider including Pay per Click Account Management, budget management and effective monitoring of key phrases used.

Pay per Click is one of the most flexible forms of online marketing available. As required, we can update your budget within hours, set your campaign to run at certain times of the day and we can add/remove key search phrases as is needed. Due to this great flexibility Pay per Click marketing is very efficient and can be a highly effective form of advertising.

Contact Direct Submit Internet Marketing
To speak to one of our Internet Marketing Consultants for advice on making your Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing project a success, call us now on 0845 272 2350 or email us at We look forward to your call.

Searching for New Business

Are You Searching for New Business?
Local Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) and effective Internet Marketing can help your business rank well in the major Search Engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. This will help local customers easily find your products and services when they search on the Internet using related key phrases.

Many studies have shown that the natural listings are wherein excess of 80% of people locate a service provider or business when they are looking for a local product or service; our affordable Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) and effective Internet Marketing packages will provide your business with a potential source of both leads and sales.

More and more people are using the search engines to search for such as Guaranteed Car Finance North East or Van Hire Newcastle and it is reported to be one of the fastest growing areas for ‘searches’ online.

Direct Submit have the experience and expertise to ensure you capitalise on local search traffic for your business.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services can provide you with a proven and very cost effective Search Engine Marketing solution to help your company increase the effectiveness of its website in the Search Engines, giving your business a distinct advantage over your local competitors’ websites who aren’t optimised for local search traffic Call us today on 0845 2722350 and get your website noticed locally.

Benefits of Buying Solid Wood Furniture

Benefits of Buying Solid Wood Furniture
Adding some classic hardwood furniture to your home is an excellent way to add a classy and homely touch instantly and can really help to finish a newly decorated room by adding the perfect finishing touch to any design. At Signature Hardwood they have a wide range of solid wood furniture available for every room in a wide range of styles that are sure to appeal to almost every taste, all made using the highest quality hardwood and the best manufacturing processes available so you can be sure that they are built to last.

With so many different products available at Signature Hardwood regardless of whether you are looking for a bed frame, a dining table, a cabinet or even a desk for your home office you will be surprised how many options they have on offer that will be perfect for your needs and with many items available as part of a complementing range you can even create a totally coordinated look through your home. With a wide range of clever storage solutions available to fit almost any space and many unusual designs available that you are not likely to find anywhere else no matter what kind of home you have you are certain to find something that suits it perfectly.

Buying a well designed and manufactured piece of solid wood furniture that you absolutely love is a really worthwhile investment, especially if it is for a hard to fit space of something that you will use a lot as you can be certain that it will last for years to come, and with the right care stay looking as good as new for just as long, so you can be certain that anything you may purchase from Signature Hardwood is likely to last a lifetime, and with an excellent customer service policy you can be certain that they will do everything they can to put things right in the unlikely event you are not totally satisfied.

With an aim to have all pieces made and delivered directly to you within fourteen days and a commitment to ensuring all goods arrive in perfect condition at Signature Hardwood they always do everything they can to ensure every customer is left completely satisfied, with a simple ordering process a straight forward pricing policy and free delivery on orders over sixty pounds you can be sure of a really high level of customer service every step of the way. They even offer the opportunity to see what they can do for you if you can’t find something within the available range to meet your specific requirements all for a very competitive price.

With ranges including some beautiful products created from oak, ash elm and mahogany so no matter what colour theme you have within your home you can be certain to find some really lovely pieces that will complement your home perfectly and really make the most of the space that you have no matter how large or small. So if you are looking for some really individual and well-made hardwood furniture for any room within your home that is sure to last for years make sure your take a look at the great range available at Signature Hardwood where you are sure to find plenty of great ideas as really good prices.

Contact Signature Hardwood Furniture
Signature Hardwood was developed out of a passion for quality solid wood furniture. All of their furniture pieces are made from the finest hardwoods from around the World. They work tirelessly to ensure excellent customer focus and satisfaction and source only the finest hardwood furniture from established and reputable Suppliers and Manufacturers with a proven track record. If you would like further information about the range of hardwood furniture available from Signature then you can contact them via the Signature Hardwood Furniture website.

Synergy Windows, Conservatories and Doors

Five Types of Windows We Sell At Synergy Windows
Here at Synergy Windows, we sell and fit a variety of windows, conservatories and doors, based in Darlington. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of our most popular windows available at Synergy Windows. Whether you’re looking for windows with a grand and long-lasting design, or windows which focus on energy ratings – we’ve definitely got windows which will suit your current needs.

1. Aluminum Windows

If you’re looking for windows that are resistant to corrosion and rusting, these windows are for you! Aluminium windows are great for those that want to focus on aesthetics. The aluminium lines the windows in thin strips, so this means that less of the frame is visible, and more glass can be shown. If you’re not a huge fan of thick frames which obscure glass, you’ve found your perfect window match here.

Again, these windows have another aesthetic benefit. You can choose from a variety of colours, over 200 colours, to be precise! The frame is coated with a special polyester powder coat finish, giving it that extra edge over other window frames. The finish ensures that the colour will endure for decades and survive even the harshest of weathers.

2. Artisan Colour Range

Whilst most of the windows we see in Britain are white, you can definitely start taking a look at our artisan colour range. We have a variety of colours and finishes, from beautiful woodgrain to coloured woodgrain finishes also. These are exciting new frames which can match your furniture or kitchen countertops, for example.

If you have a blue countertop, perhaps a blue window frame would match well with it. You can really mix and match with your house furniture, and with the colour of the window frames. They can add a personalized and unique touch to both your house’s exterior and interior.

3. PVC-U Casement Windows

Casement windows are the latest windows to use pioneering technological and engineering design, to help make your home more energy friendly. These windows are “A-Rated” meaning that they can help to retain heat within the home and prevent cold air from getting into your home. These windows are designed for the practical homeowner, who is conscious of windows which don’t just look stylish, but also help to retain heat within the home. They are extremely secure and have a “Secured By Design” certification. No burglar can get in through your windows, that’s for sure!

However, it’s not just the practicality and security that these windows provide. They also can please those that love aesthetics, as they come in a wide variety of colour finishes.

4. PVC-U Vertical Slash Windows

These windows are unique in design as they provide a different take on traditional window design. These windows are compact and are of an excellent shape, for those who want compact but practical windows. Usually, with wood or other PVC windows, it is difficult to maintain vertical slash windows because of their shape and because of friction. However, our windows use PVC-U which makes them easy to slide in and out and this means they are super easy to maintain and keep in the same functioning shape as they always were.

We also provide a wide variety of colour finishes for these windows. You may like a traditional woodgrain-style finish or a more modern and smooth “Cream” finish. Whatever your preferences, we have got seven finishes, giving you lots of flexibility and choice.

These windows are A-Rated, meaning they provide superb energy ratings and can help to reduce heat loss in the home, or almost eliminate it entirely. They use pioneering engineering design to achieve this, and this means that they can cut down your energy bills, or at least, keep them down!

5. Georgian PVC-U Windows

These windows combine aesthetics and traditional style, with practicality and excellent energy ratings. You may have seen Georgian windows in many soaps and even, houses across the country and it’s no wonder that they are the nation’s favourite choice of window. They echo a sentiment of nostalgia, as many houses from our childhood have incorporated Georgian windows into their design.

These windows give you lots of flexibility and choice, because the Georgian bars can fit into many window shapes and their elegance and beauty will stand the test of time. The universal design is not only ethereal, it will also last you for decades, and still remain as fresh and beautiful as the day you bought them.

Not only that, but these windows have excellent energy ratings, as they are “A-Rated”, making sure that your home will remain energy friendly for decades to come.

Final Thoughts

Choosing which windows to purchase can be a hard decision, but this article will have provided you with a few of our more popular window designs. If you’d like a quote, make sure to check out our Instant Online Quote wizard, which will help you gauge pricing.

We are always here to support you in your decision and in the purchasing process, so make sure to give us a call on 01325 527538 and we will be more than happy to help you.

Understanding your Car’s Tyres

Understanding your Car’s Tyres
Tyres are one of the most important safety features on your car or vehicle. After all, your tyres are the only thing that connects the car to the road surface, and other technologies such as antilock braking systems and electronic stability controls cannot do their job if the tyres don’t have a good grip on the road surface. Yet tyres are often considered to be one of the least understood components of our vehicles.


Tams Tyres
As everyone’s driving needs are different, it makes sense that no one single type of tyre is best. Like most things in life, what tyres are the best for you may not be appropriate for another driver.

When replacing your car tyres it pays to speak to a specialist, someone like Tams Tyres of Gateshead who have been supplying high quality, low cost tyres to drivers of all vehicles across Gateshead, Newcastle & the North East. Tams Tyres carry a wide range of leading brand names tyres and after discussing the type of driving you do will be able to offer the very best advice and recommendations as to which tyre to fit to your vehicle.  Remember, cheaper quality and poorly manufactured tyres will likely wear out much quicker than good quality tyres, plus can often lead to extended stopping distances and may result in less control during an emergency manoeuvre.

Tyres, like most things in life, can be something of a trade-off. Performance Tyres can often wear out quicker than ‘regular tyres’ – obviously depending on your driving technique and the road conditions, while general road tyres will provide a more comfortable ride but be less agile in the corners. Again, speak to your tyre dealer about any possible trade-offs for the type of tyres you are considering buying.

Most modern cars will come with general all-season tyres fitted. These are great for most people for most conditions, however if you live where it snows a lot, then you may wish to consider buying a set of snow Tyres (sometimes referred to as winter Tyres) and use them throughout the winter months. All-season tyres are designed to handle all weather conditions. Snow / Winter Tyres are designed with one thing in mind: to help you drive more safely and improve road traction when temperatures are low and the roads are covered in snow and ice.

Many drivers will fit a car tyre then forget it. Even allowing for modern tyre reliability and manufacturing methods, this can be a mistake as tyres are NOT maintenance free items! It is estimated that an average tyres will lose around 1 psi of pressure per month so it is a good idea to check your tyre inflation pressures and inspect their general tread condition on a weekly basis. Underinflated tyres can impact upon your cars fuel efficiency, reducing the miles per gallon you achieve – costing you money, and are more likely to suffer a puncture. Remember, you can’t tell the tyre pressure is low just by looking.

So, how can you increase the lifespan of your car tyres? Adopt the following and you could put off having to make a trip to your local tyre dealership for at least a couple of months. Regularly check your tyre pressure and tread condition.  This probably won’t involve any more than a couple of minutes, but that time spent checking your tyres could alert you to any problems that might have arisen. Check the surface of the tyres for cracks and odd looking bulges. Try to avoid accelerating to quickly form traffic lights of junctions. Wheel skid may sound good but it’s a great way to quickly wear out your tyres. These alone could prolong the lifespan of your tyres significantly.

It is also important to recognise that there is a legal requirement to maintain your car or other vehicle tyres. Remember, this legal requirement exists to help keep you, other drivers and pedestrians remain safe, and to prevent accidents occurring on the roads. If you would like a free tyre check and live in the Gateshead or Newcastle area of then call Tam Tyres now on 0191 4604809.

Bridal Wear Newcastle – Plus Size Wedding Dresses Specialists

Just the Way You Are Bridal Wear Newcastle
Direct Submit are pleased to announce they are continuing to work with Just The Way You Are Bridal Wear in Newcastle. Located in the vibrant city of the City, they offer the very best plus-size bridal gowns available in the North East of England. Offering a personal and friendly service, they provide brides to be with a truly memorable experience.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses
With wedding gowns in UK sizes 18 to 32 in a variety of styles, beautiful handmade one of a kind tiaras and headdresses by Halo & Co (who are famous for their work at London Fashion Week) and design-your-own veils, Just The Way You Are Bridal Wear offer their brides the freedom to have exactly what they want on their special day.

Look Your Best this Summer Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty

Look Your Best this Summer Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty
Spring is here, and what a joyous occasion it is to finally have harsh winter weather behind us and to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature without bundling up in heavy clothes and hats. The upside of spring and summer finally being here is that so many public festivals, weddings and other events take place outdoors.


For many who are still dealing with rough, dry, reddened skin or dried-out hair, it may mean fretting over what they will look like on bright, sunny days when any flaws will be on full display. If you plan to attend a wedding or other event where you will want to look your best and don’t have a lot of time to plan ahead for skin-healing beauty treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion, consider one of these other options which require virtually no recovery time and will leave you looking even fresher and more radiant than when you stepped into the salon.

Blow-Dry with Treatment
If you have not yet experienced the Californian “blow-dry bar” concept that has made its way to the UK just recently, don’t wait any longer! Much more than your typical blow-dry experience, you have the option of choosing a sleek, curly, bouncy or wavy effect. An intensive conditioning treatment along with your choice of blow-dry will keep your hair looking beautiful and runway-ready for even longer.

A relatively new skin treatment, photorejuvenation uses lasers or intense pulsed light to induce invisible wounds on the skin, which then heals itself by creating new cells. This process reverses fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Best of all, you can expect to get on with your life immediately after the treatment!

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty offers these treatments and many more in our five-star salon in Glasgow. If your skin and hair are still feeling the damaging effects of winter weather, our experienced beauty therapists will provide an individualised treatment to help you look and feel your best at work and at any social gatherings you have planned for this summer.

The Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty Salon in Glasgow can provide these services and more to help you improve your skin’s appearance and help you look and feel better. Our Glasgow-based salon offers hair and beauty treatments to fit virtually any budget, making an improved appearance and a fresh outlook on life well within your reach.

To learn more about this month’s special offers or to book your appointment at the Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty in Glasgow, call us today on 0141 339 8223.